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  1. Attaching A Servo Motor

    Thanks Bob, I haven't got the sewing machine, it's on it's way. Can you recommend a motor? Thanks again, Tom
  2. Attaching A Servo Motor

    Can a servo motor be attached to a Singer 29U171A machine? Thanks
  3. Noah, Make sure your knife blade is very sharp and smooth, use a strop. Hold the blade perpendicular to the leather and try varying the pressure on it until you get a even smooth cut. Case the leather and let dry out until it's just damp feeling. Glue the leather to a bigger piece of cardboard with rubber cement. This will allow you to rest your tool hand palm on it while walking the tool and keep the piece from moving around too much. Nice looking first project! Tom
  4. Yes her name is Mary, Thanks for checking me though! Done that before, LOL
  5. Hello From Maryland

    Howdy all, I started doing leather work about 10 years ago when I started Cowboy Action Shooting and needed some holsters. My first tools were some that I inherited from my uncle that he got while on R&R during WWII in the Pacific. I bought some leather and dye and made my first holster rig. Since then I've made and sold rigs, chaps, belts, bags and stools. Now I've started doing more artwork, but still do a lot of cowboy stuff. Visit my web page at; I've worked in many mediums over the years from crayons as a kid, to pencil, paints, carving, clay and now leather. I really enjoy leather, mainly because of it's versatility. Glad to meet you all, CorkscrewTom "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." John Wayne
  6. Very well done! One suggestion if I may, next time try beveling the inside edges that get sewn at 90 deg to each other. Then burnish with Gum Tragacanth. This will smooth up those edges nicely. Great hand sewing also.
  7. Nice looking. I especially like the variation in the color. Used to have a Contender in .222 with a scope. It came with a holster rig, but that was way back before I started doing leather.
  8. Thanks. It's not secured. I made it a folded "U" shape to be able to take in and out for use in carrying three bottles, one bottle and two glasses or just as an open general tote.
  9. Thanks for looking, Have a Merry Christmas. Tom
  10. This is a 3 bottle wine tote I just finished. Been busy in the shop getting ready for Christmas, got several more projects to go!
  11. Stool For A Christmas Gift

    Here's another stool I just completed that I've got to send off for a Christmas gift. The guy wanted Wyatt Earp walking down a western street.
  12. Some More Projects

    As requested. Thanks for the comments!
  13. Knife And Sheath

    Nice looking sheath. I thought the same stu, pirate theme.
  14. Interesting design LederRudi! I like the contrast you got with colors, nice looking.