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  1. Patriotic knife sheath for a Kabar

    Thanks everyone. I think I'll do more two tone thread projects, it looks pretty neat I think.
  2. Patriotic knife sheath for a Kabar

    Thanks, I've had it for 45 yrs or so. It was my hunting knife, keeps a nice sharp edge.
  3. Thread bunching up in shuttle

    Thanks Bob
  4. I have a Singer 29U171A machine and just got it working good with T-69 thread. I wanted to be able to sew with heavier thread, T135/v-138 bonded nylon and a 24/180 needle. The top thread keeps bunching up in the shuttle. I've checked the timing per my manual and it appears correct. Also have tried adjusting the tension of both the bobbin and top thread feed along with the presser foot settings. No joy. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Tom
  5. Finished Handbag

    Very nice! Great looking lacing also.
  6. 3D-printed Custom Conchos

    plinkercases, if you want one let me know at
  7. 3D-printed Custom Conchos

    I don't have the 3D-printer. I send the 3d model off to Shapeways online. The materials vary, stainless steel with different finishes, precious metals (if you want to spend lots of $$$$)! and various plastics. You can go to
  8. I'm now offering to my customers 3D-printed custom made Conchos. These are designed by me in a 3D CAD program and then I have them printed in metal with various finishes. Can be made with either a threaded hole on the back or flat and have a lapel pin attached. Examples attached. The initials is their cowboy alias.
  9. Thanks everyone. The dye was Fiebings light brown, but I did use neatsfoot oil it first which not only keeps it supple but also adds to the luster. No I don't know Smokey Hill Thompson. Here's a picture of the matching ammo belt. I only took one picture of it and it doesn't show but it has the same tooling to it. Also a close up of one of the holsters with a screw driver sheath attached.
  10. Thanks! I did the scales with just a modeling tool. Painted with metallic acrylics.
  11. "I won't be wronged, I won't be lied to, I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these to others and I expect the same from them." John Wayne