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  1. Two new artwork pieces

    LederRudi, That's what I was thinking, Thanks.
  2. Two new artwork pieces

    LederRudi, Thanks, I'll do that. Thought about adding the word "SIC" on band of the ribbon behind it also.
  3. Two new artwork pieces

    Thanks, The back grounding on the picture of Jesus was three or four sittings. My hand/fingers couldn't do it all at once!
  4. Shot shell bag for sporting clays

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. The leather is approximately 7-8 oz. He probably won’t carry 75 all at once, more like 50. Just put 75 as an estimate of size. 3 rivets on each belt loop, but I may need to beef it up. Will see after he uses it.
  5. Shot shell bag for sporting clays

    Birthday present for one my sons. Shot shell beg with loops for a belt, should hold 75+ 12 gauge shells.
  6. Study in Mushrooms

    Thanks for all the comments! And the jokes weren't bad either. I think mushrooms are the coolest looking plants and they make neat subjects to do in just about any form of art media. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks everyone. I think I'll do more two tone thread projects, it looks pretty neat I think.
  8. Thanks, I've had it for 45 yrs or so. It was my hunting knife, keeps a nice sharp edge.
  9. Thread bunching up in shuttle

    Thanks Bob
  10. I have a Singer 29U171A machine and just got it working good with T-69 thread. I wanted to be able to sew with heavier thread, T135/v-138 bonded nylon and a 24/180 needle. The top thread keeps bunching up in the shuttle. I've checked the timing per my manual and it appears correct. Also have tried adjusting the tension of both the bobbin and top thread feed along with the presser foot settings. No joy. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Tom
  11. Finished Handbag

    Very nice! Great looking lacing also.