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  1. Backgammon board

    Cool looking! Neat idea.
  2. Couch arm table

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. Thinking I'm going to stain it darker and bevel the bottom outside edge of the inner leg so it doesn't ride up on the seat cushion.
  3. Couch arm table

    Brownie1, I probably spent 2-3 hrs drawing the design, lots of erasing, since it was my first time drawing a floral design. Then maybe six hrs tooling and an hour or so doing the finish. Building the wood tray table was probably a couple of hrs.
  4. Couch arm table

    Thank you
  5. Couch arm table

    A recent project I just finished. It's a couch arm table that slips down over the arm to hold drinks, phone, tablet, remotes, etc. This is also my first attempt at drawing my own floral design to carve. I lined the inside with deer skin to protect the couch.
  6. Two more clocks made for Christmas

    Northmount, yes they did. I found a font in Word that I liked and printed out, then traced, cut and stamped the background into them. But you're right, they do look better I think. Rohn, you're welcome
  7. Two more clocks made for Christmas

    Rohn, Thanks. I use 7-8 oz. leather, 1/4" smooth plywood and get the clocks from Amazon, Mudder brand. The top one I used letter stamps and then backgrounded inside of them. On the second one I used letters I drew, cut and backgrounded. Use contact cement to fix the leather to the plywood. Precaution note; cut, punch and tool your leather first, then use it as a template to mark your wood for cutting. Put an index mark on the back of the leather and top of the wood to use when you glue them together. Cut the wood a little proud and then sand to even them out, round over the leather edge, burnish and edge dye both to finish. I learned all that from the first one. Just some helpful tips. Good luck, Tom
  8. Here are numbers 3 & 4 of the clocks I've made for Christmas orders. Going to try one with a geometric design next.
  9. A stamp I designed

    Very nice. Reminds me of those ornate gold gilded picture frames.
  10. Anybody ever mount a Consew CSM100 to a Singer 29U171A patcher? Any problems, advice, best way to go about it?
  11. Christian fish design. I designed and made two 3D printed stamps and used my arbor press. Then I went back and used a backgrounder and seeder to finish them.
  12. What size is your laser engraver? Very nice work, beautiful color.
  13. Latest clock face

    SilverForgeStudio, I painted the dog with acrylics and then sealed the painted area with 3 coats of Super sheen. Then I used a water base antique gel in saddle tan over the whole piece. The numbers are dyed with green oil dye and the edge with a brown dye. Then a couple of coats of Tan-Kote over everything. Takes some time but worth it to get a nice finish. Hope this helps.
  14. Latest clock face

    Thanks, YinTx. The lady it went to said she cried when see saw it, so I guess I captured him.