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  1. A stamp I designed

    Very nice. Reminds me of those ornate gold gilded picture frames.
  2. Anybody ever mount a Consew CSM100 to a Singer 29U171A patcher? Any problems, advice, best way to go about it?
  3. Christian fish design. I designed and made two 3D printed stamps and used my arbor press. Then I went back and used a backgrounder and seeder to finish them.
  4. Laser engraved Spirit Bag

    What size is your laser engraver? Very nice work, beautiful color.
  5. Latest clock face

    SilverForgeStudio, I painted the dog with acrylics and then sealed the painted area with 3 coats of Super sheen. Then I used a water base antique gel in saddle tan over the whole piece. The numbers are dyed with green oil dye and the edge with a brown dye. Then a couple of coats of Tan-Kote over everything. Takes some time but worth it to get a nice finish. Hope this helps.
  6. Latest clock face

    Thanks, YinTx. The lady it went to said she cried when see saw it, so I guess I captured him.
  7. Latest clock face

    Thanks, 6-7oz leather mounted to 1/4" plywood.
  8. Latest clock face

    This is a clock face I was commissioned to do for a friend.
  9. New Clock face for an old clock

    Your welcome battlemunky. Good luck
  10. New Clock face for an old clock

    Here's a pdf of the Antique Bronze procedure. Antique Bronze.pdf
  11. New Clock face for an old clock

    I’ll pdf mine tomorrow and see if I can post it for everyone
  12. New Clock face for an old clock Brass Effect by Iürgen Volbach.pdf?token=AWzNvbsQu_OMM5-c4NDrLR8hLz6iZUeIUuylFgy_SsiI-WgIJPdNRwoblyCBa_199Kx_bGk1ufBolukeBKytzcdbNw8xGksuyY0ool8mPfI8qpiQ_fKKlg7Dcckvm5Fo7jQP09scD28E92Hlb-sRSFBqeiYar6KdLUu2OmkJlTNUKw For those wanting to see how to do the antique brass affect.
  13. New Clock face for an old clock

  14. New Clock face for an old clock

    I had an old clock and decided to try something new. Saw how to do antique bronze coloring on a Facebook post from a guy in Germany. Turned out pretty cool I think.
  15. Two new artwork pieces

    LederRudi, That's what I was thinking, Thanks.