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  1. Cowboy 4500 New-Unused

    Please let me know if the gentleman coming on Sat doesn't want the machine. If he does then I will order the standard package Cobra, I guess.
  2. I read somewhere in a Leathercrafters & Saddler's journal about this issue. If I read it right, it's a REAL big no-no. A federal no-no. The article was pertaining to a pocket holster that had a hole cut out to reach the trigger without pulling the gun from the holster, but I think it would also pertain to this kind of purse carry.
  3. Pfaff 260

    Im starting to make concealed carry purses with a lighter upholstery leather. I currently make western holsters with a Tippman Boss. The leather for the purse is lighter and finished differently. I have a line on a Pfaff 260 flatbed machine that does more than straight stitches. Would this be a good choice? If not, what would be a suggestion? Thanks for your help!
  4. Anyone have any experience or opinions on the Techsew GA 1-5R with the servo motor and speed reducer? I am making holsters- never more than 8-9 ounce leather, doubled over. Most of the time, it's 6-7 ounce. It has a clearance of 1/2" under the walking foot, which is just barely clearance for my heaviest leather projects. I like had sewing, but am getting behind on orders, so am looking for a reasonable sewing machine. I wouldn't being using it continuously- only about once or twice a week for a few hours at a time.