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  1. HI Is it possible to buy this stamp and what price,I am in the UK.
  2. Yeah North Wales is a great place to live,out on the trike every opportunity I get round Snowdonia, Although I am origionaly from Cumbria up in the Lake District. Which again is beautiful country.
  3. As mentioned earlier in the topic,Mike I was given the picture and copied it He called it Predator as that is the name of the Mcc He is a member of.
  4. I did have 3 photos with the 1st post,these have disappeared since the upgrade these are from my web site.
  5. Pictures can be seen on my Facebook page seeing as others have gone with the upgrade..
  6. Well thank you Gndy,,
  7. nice work,
  8. well nice that!!!
  9. good idea, seems to work well.
  10. Thanks Toney..
  11. Brmax, Hi, thanks for your comments,Braiding comes good with practice my friend,each one I do gets better, The memory foam I used is a 1 inch thick memory foam mattress cover that I bought and cut up as I needed.I cut and shape using an electric carving knife. Lessyl Hi, again thanks for your comments, To finish the seat after colour I used an antiquing paste/polish,on with sponge and off with micro fibre cloth, I then applied 3 coats of Resoline diluted 50/50 allow to dry n buff,then 3 coats @ 70 /30 allow to dry n buff,and finished with 3 or 4 coats of neat resoline buffed up with microfibre cloth when dry. Obviously leather is never 100% w/proof but this makes it water repellant for showers etc, I advise clients to use a waterproofing balsam for general maintainance.
  12. Guy gave me a picture, I used it, He called it a "predator" not being a sci fi nerd ,I do not know, But thanks for your comment on the work..
  13. thankyou..
  14. COOL MAN!!! keep at it..
  15. Just finished this one for a friend,standard solo seat for Honda Fury cruiser, fitted gel pad and memory foam internals, cover is 3mm veg tan on top and thick hide upholstery leather on the sides, Put together with Mexican braid, dyed with fieblings spirit dyes,antiqued and finished with diluted then full mix Resoline..