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  1. Briefcase

    Strudell, Very, very nice work. I really appreciate seeing your layout and construction process. I've been thinking of embarking on a similar project. What weight leather did you use for this project? Where did you purchase the leather? Thanks, Jason
  2. Which Osborne Awl?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I found similar suggestions on this board and I discovered that you make awl hafts BearMan. How might I peruse your stock and possible purchase one of these from you? Best, Jason
  3. Which Osborne Awl?

    Hi all, Great forum with lots of advice. I've been leatherworking for a short while now and have been using mostly Tandy tools. In particular, my awl is the Tandy sewing kit all with a few blades and a screw chuck. This awl works okay for sewing 6 spi, but I have started sewing at 8 and 10 spi and I personally find the holes punched by this awl too large for stitching this fine. I am looking at buying an Osborne awl haft (the No. 142) and a blade, but I am uncertain as to whether any of the blades will offer me a smaller hole for the finer stitching. The Saddler's stitching awl is available in various sizes (54-59) but these all seem to refer to the length of the blade. The same is true of the Saddler's Harness awl (No 42-52). Is there a particular blade you recommend or do I need to buy one and grind it down myself? I am making primarily small leather goods made with vegtan and suede---folios, small bags, purses, etc. I am also looking to buy a rivet setter and rivets. Any reason to buy the Osborn version of these over the Tandy version? They look almost identical. Thanks for your help, Jason