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  1. I work part time as an upholster for an airline company, the rest of the time I run my leatherwork business.
  2. Both of these are excellent
  3. This is the best way, I find most people use too much glue, you only need to use a little
  4. No still here
  5. So I missed the link
  6. Not sure where Rolls Royce get theirs from but most airlines and other super car manufacturers get theirs from lovely leather to work with
  7. I know it not the same but this is the reason we stopped selling knives and pouches, it was too much hassle and there is always that one person who will make a claim. we had one customer who cut himself badly with the knife we sold him within hours of buying it. even though he was told it was razor sharp and to be careful. We also had adults buying the knives and then giving them to their children at the stall, even after telling them it was illegal for the child to have a knife, just too much hassle so we stopped
  8. This problem will disappear if you use a hand press rather than a hand setter and hammer, not sure why but it will
  9. Beautiful work, I really like the idea of the label it makes the briefcase very personnel to the client. Well done
  10. to stitch around the whole belt dont try to do it with one length of thread it will tangle as you found out. sew it with shorter lengths as far as you can spread your arms will probably take three or four lengths.
  11. Thanks for the reply its a very nice finish, I use dye then gum tragacanth and then buf to a high shine.
  12. just a question DR80 if you were edging a 48" belt how long would this take you, going through all the process ?
  13. as impulse said you need to glue the layers together in a curve if not the belt will be stretched on the out side and wrinkled on the inside.
  14. A waiting list is the best idea once you have your prices correct, there is one leatherworker in canada who's waiting list is one year and his books are full. Think about the orders you have how long would they take to do.... what if you were ill for a couple of days, what supplies were late or maybe you have to order special leather fittings etc add this into your waiting list. Its much better to have a waiting list than to tell a customer that their order will be late.
  15. The angle of the awl is the same angle as the pricking mark,