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  1. Recent Projects Embossed Bible Cover

    I had to resize the second two pictures in order to post them.
  2. I haven't posted for quite a while and thought I'd share a couple of recent projects. The first one is a large, zippered bible cover with an embossed angel. The second is a small purse for a Marine Mom.
  3. #277 Thread In Multiple Colors ? I have bought several different colors from here. Wide variety of colors in 277.
  4. The tall one Is a 1/2 gallon (64 oz) and the shorter one is an 18 oz. flask.
  5. Nook Cover

    Thanks for the reply. I have to leave the Portland area by Sept, 3rd so looks like I will miss the Bob Beard class. Wish I could stay longer.
  6. Nook Cover

    That looks good Aaron. Very different. Never thought of imprinting like that in leather, do you use some sort of press? I'll be coming back to the Portland area again in July and staying until September, I'll have to look you up again. Clint
  7. Colored Thread

    Thanks for the link. I have been looking for several different colors of 277 thread with no luck until I saw this link. I ordered three spools of the colors I've been after. Thanks again, Clint
  8. I'd like thank everyone for their compliments. I really appreciate it. I just started doing leather work about 2 1/2 years ago out of boredom in my retirement. I surprise myself every time I finish a project. Thanks again for all the kind compliments. Clint
  9. I don't use any glue on these. I sew a one inch strip of Velcro the full length on the ends and overlap them so the Velcro holds it all together. If you just wrap the leather around the flask and hook the Velcro it is somewhat loose, so I check where the Velcro meets then take the cover back off and over lap another 1/8th inch or so and refasten. I then start the flask into the cover from the top and force it down into the pre-fastened cover giving it a very snug fit.I make them this way so the flask can be removed for a thorough cleaning when necessary, without getting the cover wet. Here is the back side of one of my covers.
  10. That is very unique and very pretty Clint
  11. Been Awhile...some Pics

    Your work is beautiful. Really enjoyed looking at your stuff on your website. Clint
  12. Thanks for the compliments. I've been getting the whiskey flasks through Googling 64 oz. whiskey flasks comes up with several different suppliers at varying prices. They are quite the conversation piece. I have sold 5 of them so far and have orders for 2 more. Clint
  13. Thanks for the compliment. On the walleye cover everything except for the fish scales and wood graining is carved and beveled. The fish scales and wood grain were painted. I then painted everything with a small brush and Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint. Everything is sealed with Supershene. The key for me is a real small brush, a lot of light, some head magnifying glasses, and staying out of the whiskey til the project is done! The wood grain on the whiskey barrell is all put in the leather using one of Tandy's pointed modeling spoons then antiqued with tan antiquing gel. Clint
  14. I just recently finished two 64 oz. (1/2 Gallon) whiskey flask covers for a couple of customers.