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  1. First Commissioned Dog Collar

    Really nice collar
  2. A New Collar

    I made this the other day for a deerhound
  3. Some Recent Collars

    hi I have used a lot of different things for padding from multi layered soft leather to foam that I get from abbey englandFoam is the easiest to work with Cheers dave
  4. Some Recent Collars

    hi I cut by hand I do everything by hand it's a slower way of doing things but it's just the way I learnt these are traditionally sight hound collars cheers dave
  5. Some Recent Collars

    I made these a few weeks ago I'm quiet pleased the way they turned out All hand sewn and padded
  6. Dog Collar For Dirk

    Very nice collar
  7. Hello From Co.durham, Northern England

    Top work I love it
  8. I use Aussie I find it the best for the work I do it also goes a long way well worth it's money I use a cloth that's been inpregnated with it and just warm it up a little Atb
  9. Belt Shoulders?

    I use leprevo s belt shoulders and its a nice bit of leather very helpfull staff at leprevo s and are allways willing to answer any questions on there goods Atb davie
  10. Hand Stitching Forum

    I think it a great idea
  11. A Couple Of Dog Collars

    I really like the design very nice
  12. 2 Ply Collars

    Hi a good bit of shoulder bridle doubled will be more than strong enough using to bits of butt bridle will be some collar I sometimes use it for bull/cow head collars Atb
  13. First Collar

    Really nice collar
  14. Portfolio

    Very nice