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  1. Re the welt - Probably, it would stop the blade from cutting your lacing. I also keep away from rivets in areas where the blade is likely to touch so it doesn't blunt. Happy leathering :-)
  2. Interesting blade , what sort of knife is that? I like the simple design, is the leather moulded at the handle end? You coulD work on your stitching. What sort of awl are you using and what sort of stitch. Check out some of dangerous beanz video tutorials on stitching they are awesome !
  3. Don Gonzales Saddlery

    Awesome !
  4. Bear Grylls Knife Sheath

    It looks okay dude. From the photos it looks as tho the pouch is much bigger than the blade, was there a reason for that? Would you consider wet moulding the pouch part and sewing it on in one piece? it would stick out less and you could do it with a single row of stitching and no cuts. Also I would try and make the top and bottom loops out of the back of the sheath and fold it over and stitch thru if you see what I mean. To tidy up the rear and make it smooth so nothing rubs. Did you bevel the edges some of the still look quite square. This would help the slicking / waxing. Or edge kote in a contrasting colour like black maybe. Just my opinion hope it helps. Happy leathering !
  5. Has anybody got plans for an ark?

  6. Skiving Knife Sheath

    Thanks for the comments, I'm near burton on Trent .
  7. It's raining again !

    1. ReneeCanady


      Same just won't stop! I need to cut my grass sometime this season LOL

    2. LNLeather


      It rained Sooo Hard here yesterday, I couldn't get out of my truck for 10 minutes

  8. My first knife sheath made from some off cuts I had kicking about. Should stop the blade blunting in my toolbox I hope. Any thoughts would be appreciated as I am still very new to this game !
  9. That's interesting thanks :-)
  10. Arizona Newb

    Nice pony dude ! I made my own too like a saddlers clam out of oak barrel staves from an old whiskey barrel.
  11. Greetings ! Just reading this site will expand your knowledge several fold. If you have a problem with anything specific just start a new thread - somebody will have the answer and help theyre all very friendly. Enjoy !
  12. Savoy Leather

    Nice, I particularly like the lettering on the first governor holster. Was it stamped or did you tool it ?
  13. Hello From Dayton Ohio!

    Hi, hope you find this place as interesting as I do !
  14. Yo Leather Dudes !

    Hmmm never thought of it like that.... Perhaps some stainless steel chaps with suede tassels ?