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  1. That looks pretty darn good for a first attempt!
  2. Nice and clean, good job
  3. I've got no answer for that. Did you call and speak to a salesperson? I deal with Matt, he's always very helpful.
  4. Wickett&Craig will split a side to any thickness you want, I use 1.5oz., it's nice stuff
  5. Here you go, about halfway down the page: http://timcocorporation.com/category/?category=04&page=1&catname=Decorative+Snaps
  6. Welcome from the suburbs of Philly. Be careful, this site is addictive!
  7. Welcome from southeast PA. Be careful, you'll find yourself spending waaaay too much time here, this site is the best!
  8. Glad I could help.
  9. Right here, Ferg: http://triggbrothers.com/conchos3.html#usa
  10. Harrisburg is even farther, but they get most of my business. Monica, the manager, is a great help. If I need to go to a store, what we'll do is either Harrisburg and Bass Pro Shops, or Allentown and Cabela's, make a day of it.....