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  1. If you want to see THE most beautiful leather braiding there ever was have a look at the story of Luis Ortega. He lived about 8 miles from me when I grew up. Here is a look at one of his pieces. They are figure eight hobles made from Raw hide. Luis was the one that originated the use of different colors in raw hide braiding. He is my constant inspiration. Maybe one day I'll be able to do work like this. All the best Victor
  2. Hi all Johanna asked me to post this link so here ya go. It's my whip information page. It doesn't teach how to make whips it just gives a lot of information about whips. - The Whip Information Page The ultimate whip fun site. Features free bullwhip cracking videos and a wealth of whip information and resources, How-to's and more!. All the best Victor
  3. Hi All long time no see

    Hi All It's been quite a while since I've been here. I've been so busy I have not had to time to much of anything except make whips. However Sometimes I can't sleep so what do I do? I geek out and braid leather. ;-) You would think after braiding leather all day long I would be over it when I got home. But then I get an idea in my head and it starts to bug me so much I have to stay up late into the night and do it. This is a pic of a California Quirt, the latest obsessive idea I just had to do. On the up side It allows me to be more creative than I normally am when I am making stock items. All the best Victor
  4. Hi All long time no see

    Thank you all for your very kind words. I am starting to work on some different things than I normally do so I will keep you posted as I finish something new. All the best Victor
  5. Hi Again Here is some pictures of a heastal I did a couple of years ago. I don't normally do this kind of work cause I am typically too busy filling orders so this was fun to do. All the best Victor
  6. New Custom Whip I Just Finished

    Hi All I just finished this whip and I thought I would share it with ya'll. I am not so crazy about the color combination but thats what the customer wanted so who am I to argue, ;-) It's a 6ft. bullwhip with a 12 plait body and the laces where split to make a 24 plait handle. The handle design was made on Photoshop and is a never been done before original. All the best Victor
  7. how to calculate lacing amount for braids

    Rawhide1 is correct 1 1/2 half the desired length will cover it but in my experience only to the end it doesn't leave enough for you to grab on to when you get to the end of the piece you are braiding over. So on short pieces I usually go with double the desired length. On longer pieces like a 10 ft. whip I go 1/1/2 the length and then add another foot so I have something to grab when I get to the end of the whip. So a 10 ft. whip need laces that are 16 ft. long. Hope this helps All the best Victor
  8. Braided Headstall

    Thanks for the kind words guys I cut and skive all my laces by hand. The leather is 100% Kangaroo. All the best Victor
  9. Special custom whip

    Hi all Just a pic of a whip I made as a donation for the whip enthusiast get together in Dallas. The thong (that's the flexible part of the whip) has 16 laces. The handle has 32. Interesting thing is that they are the same lacea. I split them lengthwise to make the handle. The design is a one off original that I made using photoshop. It's never been done before. All the best Victor
  10. Special custom whip

    Thanks for the kind words guys Whipit - I created the handle design using Photoshop. It took about 30 hrs to braid because it was a design that I had never done before so I was not familiar with how it should look as i wen through the stages. Very tedious. All the best Victor
  11. Another Whip

    Hiya again This is an old school handle for a stock whip. The body is 16 plait and the handle is 32. The laces on the handle are different from the laces on the body. Three different kinds of knots pineapple, spanish ring and long turks head. Unfortunately it was not made using any of the techniques described in the "Covering handles for crops" post. I wish it was that simple. all the best Victor
  12. Another Whip

    Thanks for all the kind words guys. A tutorial would end up being as long as a book. This was a very elaborate process. Especially forming the shape of the handle. The time involved is tedious at best. The grip alone took about 12 hrs of nonstop work just to braid it. All the best Victor
  13. Braided Headstall

    Yup the back ground was Photoshoped.
  14. Closed Reins And Romal

    That Mylar is not going to hold up to well if this item is actually used on a horse. I've used it on some whips and it looks really cool but if it rubs on anything like the bit or headstall it is going to come apart real fast. All the best Victor
  15. cutter/bevler

    Yup I cut everything by hand and I skive/bevel everything by hand. I probably cut about 3,000 ft. a week or more. Unfortunately I can't just cut my laces in one long lace and then cut them to length. I have to cut each lace individually as they are tapered. all the best Victor
  16. cutter/bevler

    Nice if you do only straight laces. Unfortunately as a whip maker I need tapered laces so I have to cut them and bevel them by hand. BTW does that cutter allow you to cut lace directly from the hide? All the best Victor
  17. Victor Tella shares a whip

    Hi All Long time no talk to. Seems things have changed a bit since I was last here. Been very busy lately and I haven't had time to stop by. At any rate I just wanted to give you a sample of the new direction I am heading in so here's a pic. It's a stockwhip handle. The body is 16 plait and the grip is 32 plait. I was going for a very Victorian era look. All the best Victor
  18. Victor Tella shares a whip

    Look who's talking Kate. You do some of the most beautiful and professional work among us.
  19. Signal whips

    Hey Johanna Check out my new whip info page You'll find out all kinds of interesting info on whips. All thebest Victor
  20. Signal whips

    Johanna If you would like to find out the truth about the accuracy of signal whips as compaired to snake whips or if you want to know how to make the cracker on a signal whip removable. Check out these two articles. You see three out of the four whips mentioned in this article are distinctly American. By that I mean they originated here. The Australians really didn't know too much about signal whips or snake whips until the "adult play scene" started asking for them. Which was quite recently. All the best Victor PS Love the new index page it looks awsome.
  21. 100% Kangaroo Headstall all the best Victor
  22. Kangaroo headstall

    Hi Sherley Thanks for the feedback. This one took me about a week but I did not work on it 100% of the time. I kinda slipped it in between orders. If I where to sit down and make it non stop I would guess about 3-4 days. In the most simplest of terms a bosal is a braided nose base. All the best Victor
  23. Kangaroo headstall

    Thanks Holly I've never made one before. Just trying to expand my horizons. I think I'll do a bosal next. All the best Victor
  24. Learning Resources

    Yup Thats a good one Here's another good one but you have to get all of her books to be complete as she references them in her instructions and unless you have the whole set you won't know what she is talking about. She also teaches classes. Gail Hought If you want an intensive 3 week on premiss corse this is really good. Okanagan Saddlery Here's the APWA (Australian Plaiters and Whipmaker Assoc.) If you join you can buy all of the back issues of their newsletter. I think it's currently 5 Volumes could be six by now not sure. These volumes are INVALUABLE! APWA Personally I didn't have any books when I started I taught my self. I was making whips for several years before I even knew there was a book on the subject. Hope these help. All he best Victor