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  1. Leather Necklace

    From the album My Leather Projects

    © Joseph Mullins

  2. From the album My Leather Projects

    4 strand round braid with leather heart pendant.

    © Joseph Mullins

  3. From the album My Leather Projects

    © Joseph Mullins

  4. Bracelet For Teacher

    From the album My Leather Projects

    © Joseph Mullins

  5. My Trenza De Doce Bracelet.

    Brian That is a very nice bracelet. I think I will try to make one. I too bought some of those magnetic clasps. I had the same issue with it turning my wrist green, since the chrome coating wore off and is now copper I don't have a problem. I know this site is in China. I have searched and haven't been able to find any manufacturers of these kinds of clasps in the USA. I purchased the clasps from this website, you can order smaller quantities 10 - 50 sets. It takes about 2 - 3 weeks to get them. This link is to the stainless magnetic clasps, The magnets are pretty strong but sometimes if a braclet is too tight on the wrist and is bumped it will pop loose. I did find some that also have a twist lock. Just be sure to measuer the diameter of the braid and order the correct size. Their main site is Joe
  6. Jazznow I thought the DVD is good. Thanks for the compliment.
  7. WoodBoneAndStone The heart is layers of Leather glued together then shaped, sanded and sprayed with lacquer. Like in the listed below. Making Leather Jewlery DVD by Rene Berends Cameroo The clasp is magnetic, they hold pretty good. On bracelets if it gets bumped it may pop loose. I just super glue them on. I ordered the clasp from the following site.
  8. Half Saddle Bag For Tablet Case

    I would like to see a picture. You can use this program to reduce the picture file size. You just open a picture. Select Save as. I add a -1 to the name so I don't over write the original. Adjust the slide bar. I set it at 24. and save. Joe
  9. Wool Burnisher

    I bought this and it works good. You can get this at Harbor Freight Tools for $10.00
  10. Central Fl Usa Greetings!

    Jesse I live in Grant-Valkaria south Brevard county FL. I get over to the Tandy store in Orlando on occasion. Let me know if I can help. Joe
  11. Desk Pad

    Leathercrafter Very nice job on the desk set. Joefarmer
  12. JT The watchband looks great. Joefarmer