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  1. Kabob

    Consew 227R

    Do you still have the Consew 227R?
  2. Kabob

    neatsfoot oil

    Neatsfool oil will congeal when cool. It will turn white. It can pour really slowly or not at all depending on the temperature. Bring it up to room temperature and see if it turns back to a yellowish color
  3. Matt S Thanks for the advice. I was looking at the Cobra machines and I just couldn't justify the price. The cowboy equivalent is much more affordable unless I'm missing something as far as the Cobra line-up goes.
  4. So I'm looking at a 45K25 treadle. I'll be my first machine. I like the big thread capacity and It will sew what looked like 1" of leather. It's been used but it doesn't look abused. Missing some paint (cosmetic) I love the idea of controlling the machine with either hand or foot power. $1000 bucks compared to laying down close to $2500 +/-with shipping for something similar. I mainly do belts, holsters and knife sheaths. Plus the occasional old fashioned purse. What am I getting into? How hard is it to find parts, what do I look for as far as telling if the machine is on its last legs. It looks good to me, however I don't know what to look for. All help is appreciated! Thanks Bob Wright