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  1. 8 string saddle

    Thanks, everyone. I don't have a scale at home and haven't taken it anywhere to weigh it yet, but I'll let you know when I do. Mike
  2. 8 string saddle

    Thanks everyone, trying the pencil roll was scary, I glued up a piece about the same thickness and practiced alot before trying, but still had a few stitches that didn't come out as nice as wanted.
  3. Just finished a saddle for my wife. Tried to make it as lightweight as possible, cut down skirts, fenders, ect. Also my first try at a inlayed seat, pencil roll on cantle, and antiquing, so tell me what you think. Thanks, Mike
  4. Double K skirting

    Has anyone used the skirting sold by Double K leather and what did you think of it? I built a saddle with it a couple years ago, and have rode in it about 10 hrs a week since. It seems to be holding up good, but I know that's not much of a test, so I would like to hear what others think. Thanks. Mike