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    I do firefighter strap work I'm am intrested in expanding my skill set and better my products as well as add new items

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    Firefighter strap work
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  1. 4 Ton Weaver Leather Clicker Press

    This item is still available
  2. Dremel rotary tool package with jewlers extention

    Do you still have it if so I’ll take it
  3. 4 Ton Weaver Leather Clicker Press

    I’m selling my weaver leather 4 ton clickerpress I’m asking $1000 it is about 6 months old
  4. Weaver 8 Ton Mighty Wonder Unused

    I wish I would have ran across this a little earlier I just ordered and installed a 4 ton and I’m in the Wilmington are I would have been all over this
  5. Self Centering Belt Punch - $350

    What does this thing coast new I saw a few at the weaver consignment auction last year but my budget was shoot by the second day when they were auctioning them off
  6. I have a Economy Heritage Leather Skiver from Weaver gently used still sharp only selling because I want to upgrade asking $220 retails for $285 will take PayPal you can email me at www.engine1leather@gmail.com if you are interested
  7. Looking for Dye box

    A box for edge dying like weaver leather’s Heritage® Dye Box II
  8. Looking for Dye box

    I’m looking for a good deal on a quality dye box
  9. I'm trying to make suspenders for the first time as a gift and I have no clue how to measure or size for them. Does anyone have basic measuring guidelines.... I'm planning on anything fancy just 3 points of attachment with an o ring in the back... I'd also like to sale these in my shop if I can figure them out.
  10. Looking for centerbar roller buckle in black 1 1/2 wide like the one I have pictured
  11. Peening copper rivets

    Where did you get your dapping taps