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  1. Scored a smoking deal on some tools and stuff

    Congratulations you got a steal of a deal. Goes back to the saying “it’s handyer than a Tandy tool”
  2. Very fancy... could wear it to a dinner party with the wife.
  3. Is Google is killing art?

    I agree with you and yes I am not very good myself YET!!! It takes practice. “The difference between the novice and the master is that the master has failed more than the novice has tried” -unknown
  4. Name that tool

    Looks like a knife used for de hairing animals in the tanning process
  5. Stitching horse.

  6. I am making one this moment! Thanks
  7. How to make leather look like brass

    Some sort of modified saddle tan probably.
  8. Harness Leather Patina

    I do believe so
  9. finish for coasters

    What I do is I will use ether beeswax and neatsfoot oil concoction or Aussie leather conditioner on both sides to prevent water from soaking back in th the leather and leaving marks.
  10. My cattle brand is my logo so that’s where mine came from nothing fancy