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  1. Boxed corners on a duffle/weekender

    Thanks, nice bag
  2. I am planning to make a duffle/weekender bag from veg tan shoulder, as I'd like to dye and finish the leather myself. The design I'm adapting is a turned bag and so has boxed corners. What weight of veg tan shoulder leather is it feasible to use in a turned bag? I would like to use about 2-2.5mm/5-6oz but I'm unsure whether it will be too stiff to create the boxed corners. What is everyone's experience? I've previously done boxed corners on tote bags and a dopp kit, but these were all constructed using a softee finished veg tan. All thoughts and advice gratefully received
  3. First attempt at copper rivet

    I use end cutters rather than side cutters and they will let you trim rivets much closer. However you do need to leave enough to dome!!!
  4. Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    Box? Boxes!! The case was built for a 1930's Hohner Erika which has been brought back to life, overhauled and retuned. However it also fits my main band box which is a Giustozzi. Andy
  5. Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    Thanks Bob I play English traditional folk music in a ceilidh band and for a local morris team. I have occasionally thought about making button box straps, but as I currently use nice, comfortable Italian padded straps, it probably will just stay a thought! There are plenty of button box players on your side of the Atlantic, which would reduce the commute if you did decide to start making them! Cheers, Andy
  6. Hi TomWisc, sorry only just noticed your comment. All handles were stitched through as well as riveted; it just doesn't show in the picture. Definitely overkill for strength but gives it a nice look with the contrasting thread. I looked at quite a few tote bags online before coming up with the simple closure . As it is held on by a snap at the back, it can be removed if found superfluous and easily replaced. The handles were made from bridle leather strips bought on Etsy. The second tote I made had dark brown rather than navy straps.
  7. Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    Thanks Riem. The first case had a leather strap with shoulder pad, however I didn't try lining the pad to stop it slipping. I might go back and give it a go when I have something suitable.
  8. Flattening stitching

    Keep an eye on eBay, old cobbler's hammer are advertised quite regularly at much better prices than new ones.
  9. I've just completed a case for my larger button accordion (aka melodeon in UK). My design was developed using construction ideas from one of Ian Atkinson's messenger bag patterns and is made with Sedgwick Russet Shoulder from Abbey England. This was my first attempt at a three piece gusset and I'm very pleased with the result - Ian's video was very helpful for this. Originally I had planned to dye the leather a darker, but decided to keep it 'natural' and have only applied Carnauba Cream. It will get a good coating of Aussie Conditioner before it goes into use. Reverse was sealed with TanKote. The strap is made from heavy duty cotton webbing as I found the leather strap on a smaller case I made last year slipped too easily off the shoulder.
  10. UK suppliers

    I use Abbey England for most supplies. They are really friendly and helpful, and happy to deal with 'hobbyists' as well as trade customers. If it is convenient to you (20 mins drive for me), they have a trade counter and welcome visitors - but beware you will undoubtedly buy more than you intended!! Le Prevo are also good value although it helps if you know what you are looking for as their website/catalogue is a bit terse! Leather - I've bought finished veg tan shoulder from both AA Crack and Metropolitan. Again both are friendly & helpful if you pick up the phone, plus you need to contact AA Crack for pricing as it is not on their site, even if you register with them. And currently Abbey England have a special offer on Sedgwick Russet shoulders. Varying sizes (est. 8-10sq ft) and thicknesses (1.5mm to 3.5mm+) - £40+vat each. I've just bought some and they are nicely finished with few flaws. Abbey don't usually stock them and not sure whether they'll have more at this price after this lot have been sold. And Tandy? - I initially bought membership when starting out on this hobby but find now I can buy better/cheaper elsewhere if I shop around. Membership will not be renewed.
  11. Completed my first dopp kit, following the basic design and process posted some time ago in I used some left over leather from making the two tote bags recently (pic posted a while ago) and it is lined with a dark cotton printed fabric. I'll probably try an un-lined one next, as I'm not sure I like the way the lining ended up creased and crumpled once it was turned right side out. I also realised during sewing up that cutting 'squares' out to make the boxed corners doesn't quite work. They need to be rectangles to compensate for the central seam, then hopefully the edges will line up nicely when boxing!
  12. - feedback and reviews?

    A lot of the products they sell come from Ivan in Taiwan. ( It looks to be the Taiwanese equivalent of Tandy,. Having bought a number of items of h/w and some leather strip from them, I've found Artisan is very helpful and responsive, and their pricing is competitive.
  13. My first tote bag, based on Ian Atkinson's excellent Build Along video and pattern. It has an internal pocket, a simple closure and long handles as requested by my daughter. The leather is 1.5mm softy veg tan shoulder in light tan from Metropolitan in the UK. The pocket is made from veg tan softy goat skin from Prevo. Now to make another one for my other daughter - different colour handles though.
  14. Case for small button accordion

    I'm away for a few days but will post a pic of the opened bag and contents when I get back.
  15. Case for small button accordion

    After making a messenger bag on a DiamondAwl workshop earlier this year, I decided to adapt that basic design and build method to make a carry case for my smallest button accordion. Quite a few additional build ideas were taken from Ian Atkinson's awesome videos e.g. creating a briefcase style handle. ( I used QCAD to design and modify the pattern, and stapled together a paper prototype to check sizing for the specific instrument. I eventually bought the full QCAD product as that will print a large pattern across multiple sheets of paper - essential for larger projects such as this. The leather used is 2mm veg tan (Stafford Tan) from AA Crack. A future project will be to scale up the design to make a case for one of my larger squeezeboxes.