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  1. Tippman Boss Wanted

    I'm a Texas transplant, currently farming and ranching in Brazil. I'm traveling to Texas in December and would like to bring back a used Tippman Boss. My interest is to be able to sew reins, headstalls, chaps, etc. If anyone out there has or knows of a good machine that is available. Contact me at cacaufarmer@yahoo.com. Thanjs Jim Lucas
  2. Osborne 86

    Bruce, Thanks for taking time to help..I will give the Osborne a ring out this week end. Jim
  3. Osborne 86

    I recently bought a mint condition Osborne 86 off e-bay. It arrived with no instructions and when I went on-line to Osborne looking for instructions, I received a single page that was of little help. I'm interested in finding instructions for it's use. I'm planning to use the splitter on cow and water buffalo hides that have been tanned. The final use for the split leather is headstalls, reins, ect. I have mounted the unit on a very sturdy work table, verified it is razor sharp and played with the adjustments to determine how they work. Now I want to get to work but have questions" 1. is the leather worked dry or does it have to be with added moisture? 2. If the leather to be split is heavy, do I have to taper the entry point to allow the split to start through the roller/blade? 3. what is the prastical limits of the width to be split. The blade is 5+ inches in width but sure seems like a heavy pull to split the full width 4. Is the use of (pliers) or other tools necessary to pull the leather through the unit 5. should the leather be split in a single pass or must it be multi-passed to get to the final product 6. im using diamond sharpening tools for all my hoof knives and finish with jewelers rouge and buffing wheel..Someone have better method for the splitter blade? 7 will the splitter work with any success on rawhide? Jim Lucas cacaufarmer@yahoo.com
  4. Inst Manual Osborne 86

    I just acquired a mint Osborne 86 but it was without the instruction manual. It looks pretty straight forward but sure would like to obtain a site to download. Anyone available to steer me to a site? Jim Lucas
  5. Im looking for directions to find a basic pattern for chinks. Doesnt have to be fancy...I want to make a couple of sets for work. Is there anyone out there that can steer me in the right direction? Jim
  6. New Guy From Brazil

    King's X I'm coming North in March for the Houston Stock Show and to visit some QH training sites. I camp out at my sisters place in Round Rock. Do you have a shop? Jim
  7. New Guy From Brazil

    Thanks for the note....where are you located "down under"? I'm in the market for a stub tailed cattle dog....I have 4 ACD here but would like to switch to stubbies. Jim
  8. New Guy From Brazil

    Here' s Jim Lucas and I am a transplanted Texan living in Brazil. I am ranching and farming in the State of Bahia where it's spring and summer all year round. I've been here 15 years and have by necessity learned leather work. Raw and tanned leather is in abundance but you must have tools imported to do the work. Luckily theres always someone from my family visiting so it's not difficult to have things hauled down in suitcases. Most of my work concerns creating headstalls and saddle repair but I would like to do some chaps and chinks. Is there someone out there that has the time and patience to get me started. I am more interested in things that will do for work rather than art. so far Ive been able to keep a calf roaping saddle going that I had made in Mabank Texas in 1964 and a Ryan steer roper that came down in 1996. Looking forward to enjoying the tips and help from others that enjoy leather pleasures.