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  1. Rope Border

    Thanks Bruce, I ALREADY HAD ONE IN MY SHOPPING CART AT Berry,s I,m fixing to go get it... Thanks again .. MJ
  2. Rope Border

    Who makes the best looking rope border stamp??
  3. H.f. Osborne Splitter

    I sent you a pm
  4. Kindle cover

  5. stitching horse

    made this stitching horse from the plans that Rob the blue gun man had posted. I also added my own twist along the way. Has some old wood from my wagon that I made some repairs on and a couple of other kinks. I made it from the lumber I had in the shop.
  6. Anyone Own A Plotter?

    I have a plotter, but its only 24 inch. Not sure what you are wanting to do. mj
  7. Deciding Whether To Quit Leatherwork.

    Hey yall ,,, before I found this website I never knew there was anything but Tandy Leather. It has served me well in my years of leather work. But now that I know of other options I try them as well. There are some great tolls and things that can be had and I have some of all of them. C ,, you have to improve on each attempt you make at doing a project. Quiting is not an option.... FORGET IT
  8. Shop Apparel... What Do You Wear?

    I always wear bib overalls as you can tell in my pic. A cold work area is not good, all these coments are good. You need to warm the place up, its hard to work if your bundled up like a eskimo. GET SOME HEAT IN THERE. Its suposed to be fun not torture... mj
  9. Replacement For Barge Cement

    Titan DX Premium contact cement. Water base, no smell and it works great. I ran across this stuff when I was rebuilding a 100 year old pool table. I used it on all the vener work. Then I took it inside and used it on my leather work. This stuff sticks as well as anything I have used.
  10. What's Happend With Barry King Tools?

    I ordered a couple of tools from his web sight last night . They had emailed me today and said they were shipped today. He never answered my email either but I have had no problem ordering on line...
  11. Sucker Punched

    Fast Pay is slow pay,,, and no pay is slow pay... Dont do anything for nothing they made money off of you and you got what the little boy shot at. mike
  12. Customer Wallet

    Really neat work on the inside of this thing Nice work. mj
  13. il_fullxfull.353315614_3iwv.jpg

    I like em tell me about them, I want one.. mike
  14. Im waiting to see your shop. I hope you all the best with it I know you will do well mike

  15. Thanks Campbell,,, thats what I was trying to tell him also, I just wasn't smart enough to lay it out for him. Good job... mike