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  1. What Do You Use For Pattern Material?

    I use my empty cardboard beer cases. Drink beer, recycle the cans, use the box for templates. Waste not.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. I was leaning towards getting the dark brown.
  3. To buy the dark brown or the light brown, is the question. Is it better to thin out the dark brown or just go heavy or multiple coats with the light brown to achieve a medium brown or colors in between? Money is tight and would like to buy one bottle of dye to use for now. I have been using Fiebings leather dye. Thank you in advance.
  4. Very nice design. Looks great.
  5. Where should I store my dyes? I am using Fiebing"s spirit dyes. I live in Florida (think hot weather). And am working in my garage, not air-conditioned. Should I be storing them in the 90 plus degree garage or in the beer fridge? I am wondering about the possible moisture build up in the bottles. Or other problems like how does temperature affect it. So which is better? Hot or cold? Does it make a difference? Thanks for any help.