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  1. The saddle I'm working on is a older Champion Saddle, I really want to just answer with a lot of nails. But from looking at Al's book, I guess it's pockets. The pockets aren't sew into the skirts. Last night I got all the old fleece off and now am in the middle of getting all the stitches out.
  2. Alright, thanks guys for the advice. Got one of them apart last night, surprised how well the glue still held. Thanks Tim
  3. Hello all, I"ve got my saddle apart so I can redo the wool on the skirts. What is the easiest way to remove all the old wool that is on there? I know i'm gonna have to pick out all the old thread, but thats only have the battle. Any advice would be great. Thanks Tim
  4. Al Stohlman Book Sale

    Well my books just showed up and I have to say from just a quick look, the books are full of so much info. So far well worth the money. Tim
  5. Pearson Needles

    I believe Aaron Martin Harness sells Pearson needles. http://www.aaronmartin.com/product.php?cat_id=989&catview=136&submit=View Tim
  6. Al Stohlman Book Sale

    Just ordered mine last last night and it shipped today(didn't wanna say anything till they got shipped). I"m looking forward to getting them and a bunch of other book/tools.
  7. Adult Section Request

    can i be added? or am i asking to much