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  1. Depending on how you plan on using it, it should work, unless you want to use it for tensioning. Then it needs to be malleable and hold a shape.
  2. Leather Paste

    In the states, I used plain old elders, here in Europe, I use Renia.
  3. Floral Carved Lanyard

    Good stuff, Bob!!! How is Crystal doing?
  4. Leather Paste

    I use rubber cement. My dust looks clean and like it was purpose made, but any color should work really. Weldwood is not ideal for this task.
  5. I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed your article on the coffee tote in the journal. 

    1. immiketoo


      Thank you sir!  It is a fun, easy project that I use almost daily!

  6. You'll want to get some galvanized steel. Its firm but malleable and easy to cut.
  7. Very New... with Questions :)

    As a man who has tried nearly everything out there swivel knife wise, I will say this. You can buy a good swivel knife at Tandy. Their pro version is as good as anything else out there apart from aesthetics. Rickert Werkzuege sells a phenomenal knife for cheap. Problem with these two are the blades. They all need work to cut smoothly. Geometry is terrible for some types of carving and passable at others. You can learn to use it, but if you experiment with blades, you can fine tune your carving pretty quickly. Everyone has a preference. I like a thin barrel and a low angle blade. As you can see, I've tried nearly all of them
  8. Hi from the Netherlands

    Hopefully next year!
  9. Non-Traditional leather Carving/Tooling

    Bob, those are some sweet pieces! Thanks, Noob!
  10. Lights ?

    I have OTT lights, and I bought them for 75 percent off at JoAnnes with some of their coupons. I got 120 dollar lights for 27 dollars or something like that. I love them. Another great light is made by Dazor. Just be sure to install daylight bulbs. I have one on each side of my bench and I wish I had a third for fill.
  11. Feeling humbled!

    I'm not either, but its SOOOOO worth it. There's something about it that's as cool as Sheridan but with a different feel.
  12. Feeling humbled!

    Thanks, Bob! you should come next year!
  13. Non-Traditional leather Carving/Tooling

    Just a few non traditional things.
  14. Feeling humbled!

    Thank you. Its an honor to meet your heroes and hang out with them. Thank you sir!
  15. Hi from the Netherlands

    Welcome! I was just in Arnhem a few weeks back. Lovely country and nice work!