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  1. Lol...good!
  2. I miss the chat too.
  3. Two? You need at least 8 to make sure you have a good collection.
  4. ONLINE LEATHER CARVING CLASS ANNOUNCEMENT! If you're like many people, the idea of carving faces gives you nightmares. This class is designed to help you get over the fear of making Aunt Myrtle look like Uncle Marv. Or the family dog. Or whatever. Join me as we embark on part on of a facial feature series! This class is $25.00 and will be at least an hour long. As always, there will be a recording available if you cannot attend. Please register for Facial Features-Part One: Eyes on Thursday, August 17, 2017 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM CDT at: The eyes are the window to the soul. This is true in any art medium, and throughout history, eyes have helped artists capture the breadth of human emotion. Join Mike Dale in this multi-part study on carving faces. Part one will explore how to carve realistic looking eyes. Mike will discuss artwork selection, realistic vs. cartoon eyes, carving techniques, tool selection, common mistakes and answer any questions you might have. After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.
  5. I have two of each. They're both awesome cutting tools.
  6. Sweet. I love it! Oh god no!
  7. A. You'll never live it down. B. In this, we are in complete agreement. C. Greece is full of those. Good coffee too!
  8. Jeff, I appreciate your reply. Its true we have never met, and that Robert was a good man. Wish he was still with us. The gal was from right here on and we now live happily in Greece. Hats off to the forum for getting me out of law enforcement after 20 years so sucking shit for a living. As for the rest, I have nothing against you, I just feel strongly about the subject matter and the good of the industry. There are a lot of good resources out there, this site being one of the best. In retrospect, I apologize for derailing the thread. Some things just stick in my craw and I can't let go. So, all that said, its generally my policy to leave the thread alone for posterity, but I can clean it up if that is your preference.
  9. Since you've made the connection between me and my business, I'll address it. You're right. I do have a site for live content that is paid. It costs a little bit of money to make live video classes happen. Can't get around that. It's the infrastructure. A for arguing, nobody is doing that, just having a bit of discussion. Jeff keeps emphasizing FREE in his posts, and it automatically excludes a lot of excellent content. This is my issue. Free content is good. Paid content is usually better because it HAS to be. Otherwise people wouldn't pay for it. Also, in most cases, I agree with Jeff. He is extremely knowledgeable, and an amazing resource to all of us here, myself included. On account of that, Jeff has a following and a voice here and it's irresponsible to ignore excellent content on account of it costing a few dollars. For example, John Bianchi made a whole series of holster videos that are comprehensive with regard to making gun leather. They are expensive, but worth it. Obviously, I can't post them here as it would violate all kinds of copyright laws and be morally objectionable. My point is that while its ok to have an opinion about FREE, I have a differing opinion about paid, simply because of my experience. Let me ask you this. Would a week long class with an industry professional where you build three holsters side by side have value? Of course it would. It was also one of the best investments I've made into leather work. If we keep the FREE thing going, are we doing a disservice to those in the industry who offer live, hands on classes? Where is the line drawn? That is my only point. Not poking the bear, or arguing. Only offering a differing opinion. And, for the record, my site has ZERO holster content, and the majority of the classes are taught by professionals OTHER than myself, so please don't confuse my differing opinion with a conflict of interest about my site. Its not. Its about a conflict of interest with an entire facet of the industry.
  10. Never leave rouge on your blade when you carve. I wipe it on a rag before I touch it to leather. And buy the green. Its the most versatile IMO
  11. How about an airbrush and masking? Dry brushing? Use less dye so it doesn't bleed? and FYI, properly applied paint does not crack. Just like properly applied dye doesn't bleed. Perhaps a picture of the problem you're having would help diagnose your issue?
  12. You sure its not George? Sorry this was sort of emphasized so it seems you did mention it. Pardon my confusion if you didn't mean to.
  13. Welcome to the forum. You might do a google search of tack making books. I know there are many out there but I am not a tack maker so I can't give you specifics. There are also some good horsey Facebook groups that might help.
  14. This is very true. Thats kind of the beauty of leather work though. There isn't only one right way to do most things. Not ALL things. Usually, you have to find what works for you with your vision, artistic ability and the tools and equipment. Anyone who says theres only one way of doing things likely hasn't learned anything in a LONG time. You can see this in some of the free video content on the web. The one thing that I find severely lacking in this field is that most people are afraid to experiment on their own to gain experience. They want an answer, or a pattern or a sure fire way to make a single product. What Jeff is getting at, is being able to take your skills one step further and learn to develop a pattern from a gun. That doesn't eliminate the validity of reading this book or watching that video, but it does seem a bit impersonal. I't doesn't mean that they're ass hats, although SOME are. Nothing you can do about that. The thing is, that we all learn in different ways. Some can read and interpret with more efficiency than others. Some need to have their hands on, and still others like to watch someone doing it, hence the video era. Free is like anything else, you get what you pay for. Quality instruction by knowledgable professionals is worth money.
  15. Here's one I like. No words, no grandstanding and yet easy to see whats happening all the way through. As for what that was, just a guy making an observation.