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  1. The planets are in alignment

    Wow. The level of cool here is off the charts. I love this experiment.
  2. Retention Mag Pouch

    Thank you, sir!
  3. A little floral

    Found this while setting up my shop in the new house. I made this About 4 years ago, I think.
  4. Acrylic Paint on Leather

    Technically, acrylic paint is plastic and doesn’t really need a sealer, however, I like to use RTC by Bee Natural to give the finished piece a consistent sheen. Acrylic paint and acrylic sealer does the trick. Don’t ever worry about that. I’m here to help where I can.
  5. Acrylic Paint on Leather

    Thanks Bikermutt for including me in this convo. We do a LOT of acrylic on leather and the hype about Angelus is just hype. Frankly I hate the stuff. Too thick out of the bottle and when you thin it, the color breaks down so it’s useless. We use Golden hi-flow acrylic almost exclusively with the exception of Lumiere for metallics and createx airbrush colors because they’re thin. thin is the way to go with acrylic because you get the best adhesion to the leather and you can sneak up on your colors as opposed to slopping it on thick. Golden has the widest array of colors and hues, and are readily available locally in most cases. I highly recommend them and Createx. additionally, you can use them with an airbrush right out of the bottle. here are some examples of golden on leather.
  6. What do you cut your leather on?

    What Bruce said.
  7. 1st time tooling (Viking Serpent)

    Thanks, Noob. Pics are great, but videos are even better. IF you guys have any requests, let me know.
  8. Self inflicted wounds

    Generally speaking, cops are the worst shooters out there. I was in charge of our department training and I would DQ guys for not being able to complete what I consider basic drills and firearm handling skills. FFS, I had to order a guy to buy a new holster because his had broken and was only being held together by the lining cloth of a Safariland level 3 retention rig. As a competitive shooter in several disciplines, I was appalled at the average cop's ambivalence regarding firearms.
  9. Aging.... blurry vision when tooling

    Good luck. After that, I suffered a severe allergic reaction that caused my eyes to swell. I now have what is called a retinoschisis, or a tearing of the retinal layers. Nothing can be done to fix it, and so it could never change or I could be blind tomorrow. Fortunately, its been stable since the diagnosis, but I find that using glasses reduces the strain on my eyes and helps my vision overall. It's not getting better, but not getting worse either. More lights changed my life in the shop. Sucks getting old!
  10. A big "First" for me ;)

    As I got a very late start in leatherwork, I can tell you you can do it! I wish I had started 20 years ago! Ah well. Love the canoe!
  11. Starting Leather Working

    HEre's a read that may help you.
  12. A big "First" for me ;)

    Nice work dude. Goes with that bass perfectly!