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  1. Hello all! (from The Netherlands)

    Welcome, Sim! I'll be at a nice leather craft show in Arnhem in October. If you have time, you should come check it out, maybe take a class or two. Its a great boost for a new leather worker! The show is ELWATS.
  2. What swivel knife to buy?

    The circle is an additional yoke for one of the knives, the tiny one is a pendant, although its functional and the bottom one was a joke from some friends of mine. You are correct. If you don't know how, best to spend on a finished blade, but if you do, you can make these (Or nearly any blade) work just fine.
  3. steps for finishing

    I would never use paint AND antique. In fact, I rarely use antique at all. However, if you do use antique on paint, you'd be better off with using Fiebing's past antique after a good acrylic resist.
  4. Air brushing

    Good lord! You're not sand blasting I use 20 PSI max. Low pressure, high volume helps with saturation. Low and slow and build up to the color you like.
  5. What swivel knife to buy?

    Just a few of the knives I've tried.
  6. What swivel knife to buy?

    The biggest issue with swivel knives is a crappy blade. If its not a mirror polish, it will be sticky and choppy as you describe. I like a lot of different knives. One of the best blades on the market is made by Leather Wranglers. Their steel is the most resistant to the crud that builds up on the blade as you carve. My personal favorite is the Peter Mail low angle blade. It suits my style of carving. Barry King also makes a great blade. If you're on a budget, take a look at Rickert Werkzeuge. They have a very reasonably priced knife thats really good. The blades need a little work, but they aren't bad once you polish them.
  7. I would use some leather thonging to hold it in place, Use friction fit holes to keep it tight.
  8. Air brushing

    I use neatsfoot oil to help set the dye after airbrushing. It helps the pigment set deeper into the leather and makes those nasty rub offs go away. I also oil between coats if I'm doing a fade.
  9. Double border lines

    I use a wing divider to mark my double border lines. Its FAR easier to control your lines and you can go around complex corners. Next, I will decide how much detail I want in the border and cut and carve if warranted. You can use them as scored lines as well if you want a simpler look. Once you cut your shape, bevel the edge, moisten your leather and do all the straight lines first, leaving the corners until last. Connect your corners and then lightly cut with a swivel knife. Bevel and tool as desired. If you want a video of this process, I'm happy to make one for you.
  10. european suppliers of hardware and dyes

    Both Rickert Werkzeuge and Der Ledermacher in Germany carry fiebings and a wide variety of other products. Both have comprehensive websites as well. Check them out. I order from Greece all the time.
  11. Looking for advice on a stitch groover

    I actually agree with this 100% I rarely use a groover anymore, but when I do, its nice to have one that works.
  12. Looking for advice on a stitch groover

    Crimson looks like a near exact copy of Douglas. I have the Douglas, and several others. It's by FAR the easiest to use and get consistent lines. Buy the different sized tips, or just get the small one. There;s not a lot of call for stitching with rope Best money I've spent on a groover, and I have a Danny Marlin as well.
  13. So I made a thing. For another thing.

    Thanks everyone!
  14. So I made a thing. For another thing.

    Thank you, but why sigh?