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  1. Thats a repurposed piece of drawer hardware
  2. Its attached with the four rivets you see.
  3. Nah, ya gotta keep it up man... lol..thanks Thank you sir
  4. Made a few new cuffs the other day. I enjoy fitting stamps together.
  5. Same thing in the holster world. Only so many ways to wrap a gun in leather. That said, there are many stylistic cues that are "borrowed" all the time.
  6. Only if people know its you, then I agree.
  7. Reminds me of Garbage Pail kids cards.
  8. Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you...
  9. The winning piece was amazing. As in I need to go back to school amazing. Gary, your piece is cool and whimsical and I like it. You and I will both indulge this fantasy and we will get better. I have a LOT of swivel knives, but none of them were free
  10. This is a fine piece, although you're right, it wouldn't have won. Neither did mine, because the winners were at such a high level in each category. I'll take it as challenge to raise my level for next year.
  11. Leather people are the best! Paul and Rosa are great friends and super helpful. Everyone is really great and the amount of money I've spent at shows is staggering. Glad you enjoyed yourself!
  12. Double action allows you to control both airflow and media flow. A single action controls the mix so if you're looking to do only finishes, or a single color, you could use a single. However, you can do that with a double by holding full stop for both actions AND you can do fades and shading. They aren't difficult to learn to control if you want.
  13. I have several air brushes, Paache VL x2, two Iwata, one siphon feed and one gravity, and I can tell you the best bang for the buck is this set. I have two of them, and the features and extras for 30 bucks make it easily the best money. They aren't as smooth as the Iwata, but they spray just as well, and only take a little more maintenance than the Iwata.