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  1. Sadly, Paul is no longer with us. A great man though.
  2. Almost everyone makes these kind of errors. Its what we call EXPERIENCE You just got some!
  3. Nice looking rig, and you're right about the no wrinkle policy. No bueno.
  4. Yep. They're expensive though!
  5. Also, there are a lot of ways to build them. Some use more leather than others. The only real way is to have the experience of your process and take a good look at the hide to see whats useable and what is only good for practice.
  6. It is lined. 6oz on both sides. I was up against two guys that were from Japan who did full western rigs. And they were really good.
  7. Jeff, did you know Robert died a few months back?
  8. Defunct as far as I know.
  9. I don't care what they call me, as long as I get paid
  10. I have one, or had as its still in the states. Its an ash tree. All I did is sand the top of mine and I used it for bag punches etc. This piece of log is so big I doubt it will ever split, but I suppose you could bind it. I started using mine right away, and it dried as I used it.
  11. Never heard of it but it looks cool!
  12. Hi!

    Welcome! Cant wait to see your work. Most wood workers transition quite well to leather.
  13. Welcome to and to a craft thats done without buttons!
  14. Welcome, and good luck on your journey! Be prepared to have a lot of money and time wrapped up in this new bag!
  15. Hermann Oak offers three colors I think, natural, russet and black. Not sure if these are what you want though. Other leathers like English bridle leather comes in some nice colors as well.