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  1. Macpherson charges 13+ bucks for the tooling leather.. it's pricee I've read somewhere that in mexico
  2. boot top leather supplier

    what does your research tell u ?
  3. New Work Boots

    cool any showcase on making?
  4. stitching is nice. what is it?
  5. Custom Dual Strap Satchel

    looks good chromexcel is oily - will the cement/glue keep the lining?
  6. Cracking leather

    could be leather (overdry) could be the process itself - oiling after or before dying is a general conditioner treatment which prevents cracking and penetrates into leather fibres. Pro OIL dyes from Fiebengs pretty good, but their Regular dyes (alcohol) do make leather go very very dry.
  7. Vegetable tanned Leather

    Check SLC , Theleatherguy
  8. Football Panel Template

    geometry - pentagons tip attached
  9. depends on how they were tanned, the source (brand) mostly, what I've seen so far on #1 grade and good tannage ostrich skins ~350-450$ per one skin. get more info on your deal )
  10. if not mistaken, cobra (or other brand) do provide leasing or credit as an option. It's easier to pay by small payments. Go check them from time to time in the forum under 'sale' thread there are some offerings on splitters.
  11. I would prefer cobra(or similar) automatic machine. You will save tons of leather, time and life, rather than doing a hand splitting. worth the money, many will tell ya
  12. Source for 4-5 oz veg tanned pigskin?

    give a call to SLC they had something time ago. maybe can point you
  13. black friday?

    acadia leather have a bit SLC a little maverick leather had Wickett&Craig have double shoulders (65$ a piece). 'nstaleather' user have good stuff to pick up p.s actually, i'm surprised of US dealers not to use a chance to raise additional bucks using holiday sale ..
  14. Decisions....

    Kyoshin ELLE available in 'ggodsjapan' on ebay and\or their site - japan quality-smooth and pleasure to work. will be much cheaper that the ones you mentioned. 'better swivel knife than what I currently use (craftool)'
  15. I'm currently on the tests on the giardini, and wouldn't be so optimistic on the product.. new customers can get free samples as well. no need to pay for items, only shipping.
  16. how the lining inside is set? glued? sewed? I have an interest of knowing different lining techniques ))
  17. Ks blade punch

    nice work I don't use, but would like to. It's still pricy for me..
  18. Herman and Oak and Horween Hides

    no prob have you sold those?
  19. Hermes

    you can use bridle. Mike nstarleather is selling currently Wickett Craig 3/4oz. Suitable for the purpose. basically any thin stuff will work.

    leather armor you can do a lot of that ))