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  1. I'm currently on the tests on the giardini, and wouldn't be so optimistic on the product.. new customers can get free samples as well. no need to pay for items, only shipping.
  2. Casual Weekender

    how the lining inside is set? glued? sewed? I have an interest of knowing different lining techniques ))
  3. Ks blade punch

    nice work I don't use, but would like to. It's still pricy for me..
  4. Herman and Oak and Horween Hides

    no prob have you sold those?
  5. Hermes

    you can use bridle. Mike nstarleather is selling currently Wickett Craig 3/4oz. Suitable for the purpose. basically any thin stuff will work.

    leather armor you can do a lot of that ))
  7. tease us - show some pics :))
  8. Shoulder Gun holster

    plastic dummy (or another material) will do the work. + you will always have a "body' in the room to make the basic measurements
  9. Casual Weekender

  10. Mike, can you clarify how many of each color you have? this will help much thanks
  11. price (variations), pics, terms/conditions, description?!
  12. WTS: Latigo Bellies

    can you split down?
  13. Ivan Leather

    Hi Michael what is their website?
  14. for those who buy only 1 thread - yes but when you buy lots of things at once - the shipping is almost seemles. what fee? never payed for any fee (maybe included in shipp.) +they give good and reliable discounts.
  15. patience together with reading this forum.. and watching videos - leather finishing p.s oiling always darkens a leather.
  16. why pay 33,32$ for 500mt spool of Tiger thread, if we can get lower price from BUckleguy for 29.99$? also got couple times - good seller as well )
  17. TONS of snakeskin hides for sale!

    hard to choose maybe you can guide us on snake types and additional photos? some kind of classification and details will help
  18. no way. this is the one of few reasons some of us using pro edge finishes ) 1st post describes procedure. keep trying
  19. Wickett & Craig English Bridle Leather Sale

    these aren't regular English Bridle Wickett&Craig colors?
  20. that was a question in a question in my post )) we have to pray to the gods that Wickett&Craig exists and goes forward to the customers.