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  1. Some deer/elk hides are tanned with an abundance of tannic acids that play heck on bluing and even wood finishes, and you cannot trust leaving your firearm touching the hide for any length of time. Any brass, as in ammo can fester and turn green and get a moldy looking patina. I have had good luck with pig skin as a lining but still be careful, especially with any blued weapon. I have not had much experience with stainless steel. jr
  2. Just my opinion, in this particular period of time, I would personally shy away from any business with any form of crooked in the name. Just sayin'! jr
  3. Congratulations! I understand the wishing, making the decision, pulling the trigger and elation of getting the machine you wanted. Keep learning all you can and share all the shortcuts and issues you encounter. My Cobra is everything I could have hoped for. I used the expertise and help from my dealer and picked up tips and advise here on this Forum. You will have many fulfilling hours and days of getting better and better at the craft. jr
  4. I just bought another, from Harbor Freight, for my kid. And it has 4 felt lined drawers. Just sayin'. jr
  5. I bought that Harbor Freight bench almost 2 years ago and found it is exactly right for me. I bought two 24"x 18" cutting mats from JoAnns and laid them end to end with double sided tape to hold them down. It rigidly supports ponding on my marble stamping slab and anvil for setting rivets and snaps. I use the end vise/clamp to hold a stitching pony and to clamp long pieces of glued leather before sewing. I have a 28" stool that puts me at the right working height.The only issue I had to deal with was to glue and clamp the bottom shelf into the dado groves. It wanted to spread the rails and not support the weight, I wanted to put on it. I would definitely buy another, especially on sale, at $120. I think I paid $160. jr
  6. My first needle change from a #23 to #25 resulted in the exact issue you described. After an exhausting and exasperating hour, I found I had the scarf and the groove of the new needle backwards. (Scarf go inside-Groove goes on the outside) I felt so relieved and careless. But it has never happened again since. This may not be you problem, but it is worth a check. jr
  7. Just let me add: Ohio Travel Bag is great for having what you need at competitive prices, they do not gouge you on shipping and they have always got my orders right the first time. Obviously, I recommend OTB. jr
  8. Shipping a fire arm, "must be from a FFL(Federal Firearm License) licensee to a FFL licensee". Most licensed gun stores will fill out the paper work for a fee of $25-$40, plus you pay shipping and insurance and consignee pays receiving licensed dealer another fee of $25-$40 , plus Brady Background Fees around $7. The buyer must fill out and pass the Background Check, to take possession. This in addition to any local or state laws. This is part of the entire firearm debate. Lots of legal hoops on many levels. Just the facts---not an opinion. jr
  9. That is a great suggestion, billybopp: Cut the lining roughly 1/4" larger on all sides. (I also lightly mark the exact size of the outside piece on the liner, as a visual guide as to where to lay the outside piece.) Once you touch any of the glued surfaces together you are committed. The guide lines give you a small fudge factor, and I have avoided wrinkles and mismatched edges using this tip. You can trim the excess liner after you bond the pieces. Also, as mentioned, be sure to roll the liner and outside after cementing. A small, clean rolling pin from the kitchen is ideal. jr
  10. I use any brand of acetone, from Lowes or Home Depot. It works. jr
  11. Stunning!!!!!! jr
  12. I just got an e-mail from buckleguy.com. They are advertising they now carry Ritza-25-Tiger-Thread. I thought I would pass this info on. I do not do much hand sewing anymore, but I thought this may be of interest to those that do. jr
  13. With my Cobra I had to make sure, every time I began to sew, I held the thread ends taut from both bobbin and the needle for 3 full stitches. When you don't hold the thread ends or you only keep the needle thread tail taut a bird's nest will result, just like your picture. And make sure to run practice pieces anytime you make even small adjustments. Just to insure you don't mess up the project piece. jr
  14. The Hide and Leather House lists about 7 or 8 different American Bison sides from 3-4oz. to 5-6oz, on their web site, under the heading:PRODUCTS. Good folks: http// hidehouse.com/ jr
  15. I had to call the 800 # and talk to a super nice associate that got my log-in all straightened out. Somehow the move to the new site got my log-in and password was assigned to someone else's account. Within 5 minutes we got all set, ready to go, and when I logged in all the correct info came up and I was delighted. Good people! The issue was painlessly remedied. jr