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  1. Single-stick guard

    Beautiful work! Too lovely to smack with a stick!
  2. Welcome! If you're making bags, you should go spend some time viewing the video instructions at Leodis Leather, provided by Ian Atkinson over in the UK. He walks you through some of the processes and planning, and you might find it helpful! Here is his website: (Make sure you look at the whole page, not just the top. His longer videos are near the bottom).
  3. Support metal bar for briefcase

    Oh, I am sorry -- I didn't realize you were not in the USA. Hopefully some of the European forum members can see your posting and have some answers for you.
  4. Support metal bar for briefcase

    Try asking Ohio Travel Bag; they have a LOT of hardware of this type. I have no connection with them other than buying some of their products a few times. Contact them here: Ohio Travel Bag6481 Davis Industrial ParkwaySolon, Ohio 44139 Phone: 800-800-1941 / 440-498-1955 Fax: 800-989-5559 / 440-498-9811 E-mail: Open: 8:00am-5:00pm Eastern Mon-Fri
  5. Never seen that before. I look forward to finding out who has the scoop on this.
  6. Help Please - Making Chest Armour

    The secret to this might be leather articulation. Take a look at this article discussing a historical gorget (throat armor) and look at the picture noting the leather straps which link up the articulating plates: <> The plates are riveted to the straps in such a way that the plates can move, but not too far. This might be the solution. I have a back-of-the head protection piece on a fencing mask (used for nylon sword play, HEMA variety) which is made of leather, with lower lames articulated this way. They hang extended, suspended from the leather articulation straps, but they can also compress into nested lames, which is similar to what you want these to do here. Then again, it might be a LOT more simple to just make a coat of plates, using leather as the plates. Just Google search for "coat of Plates" or "corrazina armor" and see if that would work. I love the looks of the corrazina armors, myself.
  7. Assembling Baseball gloves

    Making your own baseball glove --- now that's an unusual project! I know nothing about them, so unfortunately I can't contribute anything to the conversation. It would certainly be interesting to see, though! Imagine the custom leather, the tooling, and so on. It would be quite the showpiece.
  8. Basic stitching tool related question

    How exciting! Don't you love the smell and feel of those new tools? You just pick them up and immediately start looking around for a piece of leather to stick them into... ;-)
  9. Christmas Patterns

    Try an image search for Holly with berries clipart, if you didn't already do that.
  10. Showed up in my Facebook feed, for some reason-- From the Website ( Lot of photos of walls and racks of tools inside those barns. I saw some metal shoe-repair lasts, a bunch of anvils, stirrups, bits (for reins). No smaller leather tools are clearly visible in the photos (like photo 17 of 36). For non-leather stuff: lots of saws and block planes, hammers, axes and mallets, ice tongs, ice saws, and who knows what else is there for antique tools.
  11. Basic stitching tool related question

    Yes, they'll be beautiful for the wrist straps. My stitching chisels were a lovely Christmas gift.
  12. Basic stitching tool related question

    I wonder if these angled chisels will do what you want them to. They lay stitches out in the traditional slanted stitch for two pieces of leather on top of each other. Does the baseball or exterior X stitch, which are basically edge to edge, work okay with those slanted stitch holes, or will it look strange?
  13. Basic stitching tool related question

    Very good tips up there, Zuludog. I just wanted to add that it is possible to get 3 prong chisels. My Leathercraft.JP set ( in 3 mm pitch contains a 3 prong chisel (among others).
  14. Newbie

    Welcome to the forum! What was your old job?
  15. My first ever leather item

    Nicely done -- good stitches, evenly tooled design with good balance. It'll be hard for the next one to be better!