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  1. For the inside of the chef's hat, rather than merely cut it away, use a matte backgrounding tool. Typical backgrounding tool:: Creates this effect:
  2. Nice work up there, for sure! That dragon armor looks really good -- was that ever entered in an Arts and Sciences competition?
  3. Well done! Apparently the judges thought so, too!
  4. Hmm...that's a toughie. I looked at Buckle Guy's catalog and this one didn't pop up...but maybe there's a specific name for this buckle which would help. Perhaps you could contact Buckle Guy himself and see if he can help you out:
  5. I can tell you that Angelus Light Blue is not very light, straight from the bottle. It's not really a bright blue, or a Navy blue, but like this: To get a nice baby blue, I'm not sure what proportion of dye reducer to blue would work. I use that method to try making a lighter blue on a different project, but it's certainly not baby blue: I have to wonder if it's even possible, since the leather behind the dye is not really white enough to make the pastel baby blue work. Perhaps some experts here have the solution.
  6. *whistles in admiration* That is some lovely floor work there. The only flooring I have ever done is install tongue-and-groove flooring in my living room, and that of course is nothing like this! Those bog-oak pens are gorgeous. I love beautiful wood, and beautiful woodwork as well. I can well understand why you'd want a beautiful case for them. Good materials and craftsmanship are a delight to the touch and the eye.
  7. Fredk, thanks for the additional digging (pun intended) to pull out the scholarly information for those who would like to know that! So UCC is the place to look for the details, then. Thanks again!
  8. Read the article for further information, and see the photos. I'd like to know more about the type of leather, the stitches used, was it welted, and so on-- Of course, that kind of specialist knowledge isn't covered!
  9. You may also want to look into lining the inside of the armor, with either a softer leather or with cloth, after all that patient work fredk recommended above. If the costume warrants it, you could add another layer of cloth between your expensive materials and the leather (like a surcoat or a padded jacket, like those worn under metal armor.)
  10. By "a short time" surely you mean a year or two, judging by all those tools in the background and your sure hand with the sharp tools! ;-) But welcome to the forum! There is so much information here from all kinds of friendly folks who have a passion for leather. Those handmade pens -- they are also your work?
  11. That's the holy grail of stitching, right there.
  12. That's a stellar job for the first project! Makes me want to throw mine away! (heh!) Where do you think there are issues with it? (Not that I doubt you, but because what you see could be valuable for me to know.)
  13. A leather mirror frame? Now that's not something I would have thought of. How is that protected from the damp, warm steam of the room when the shower is on?
  14. That's a nice video-- your voice is clear, and your brief demonstrations of the tools is good too. I must say that when I first started doing leather, I had even fewer tools than that! I had an Xacto knife, a diamond awl, and a modeling spoon!
  15. Find some Dover Design Books via Perhaps some of the line drawings will work for you.