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  1. New guy from Idaho

    Hey Kopio, welcome to the Forum! (I have a sister who lives in Meridian.) For a good place to start, try this: Ian Atkinson lives in the UK, and he has an excellent set of videos about how to construct basic leather articles, tools and their use, and so on. The webpage I reference there might be just the thing you are looking for. And you should definitely look through his videos!
  2. Make boxes. Bottles and mugs. Masks.
  3. Rivets - rapid vs. tubular vs. double cap

    What about split rivets? (such as these:
  4. Knife Sheath

    Good work! That's so clean, with a lovely shape and design. How many times did this take you to reach this point?
  5. Scimitar Scabbard

    heh! So excited you forgot to take pictures! Yeah, that's a common problem. (Of course, maybe your lucky friend can send pictures to you?) Was this a welted scabbard? I can see that the tip is wider than the throat -- by looking at the stitch line, it seems that the top of the scabbard was not sewn together to allow sheathing the blade. Is that right? Are those incised design lines, or stitched?
  6. I haven't noticed this with the Royalwood thread, but I don't stitch with it frequently enough to be a good judge of this.
  7. Leather knife roll

    I can't picture it in my mind. Can you take some photos of what you mean and post them? That might help others help you out! (Welcome to the forum, by the way. You'll meet a lot of people with a LOT of helpful experience here. )
  8. Purple bullhide... the mind boggles... ;-) But those will be truly unique shoes which, more importantly, keep your feet happy! (and dry... dry is good!)
  9. Identify These Tools!

    Oh yes, of course! Now I see it! The parallax and reflections threw me off. Good eye, there!
  10. Hey, that's nice set of boots for first time! I can see why you want to keep going after being pleased with them. Sorry, I can only comment on the picture.I know nothing about machines!
  11. Beginner

    Someone referred the Ian Atkinson videos above -- those are great places to learn the basic craft. Once you get started on stitching, watch everything on Youtube by Nigel Armitage over in the UK, for information on expert saddle stitching. Like this one, for example (but realize also that he has many other videos on Youtube and his main website):
  12. What about this machine?

    heh! I can just picture this happening (and I bet you were there to see it happen!)
  13. D style fasteners

    How about this one from Ohio Travel Bag? Or this one, which is closer to what the video shows?
  14. And if he ever needs it, he has some emergency paracord right there in that sheath! ;-) Seriously, though, that sheath looks like it'll take the beating an active forester will give it.