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  1. "Genuine" Leather

    Cheese...I think they are made out of cheese! They do indeed have genuine leather, but it's just a thin cosmetic layer to hide the cheese.
  2. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Good call with the bone folder!
  3. My first project

    Nice work for the first project! You might need to polish your chisels to help them slide through the leather better. I did this to my Tandy diamond chisels and it did make a difference. My JapanGoods stitching chisels don't need it.
  4. Basic items needed for leather work .

    Check out Ian Atkinson's videos-- he does a great job of addressing this question: Beginners’ Videos Top 25 Recommended Leatherwork Tools (45 mins) The Tools You Need for Leatherwork (15 mins) The Hardware You Need for Leatherwork (30 mins) Information About Dyeing Leather (45 mins) Choosing the right type, weight and quality of leather for your projects (35 mins) Hand Stitching Leather (1 hour 35 mins) Videos here===> <> Now, if you're looking at learning tooling, that's a different set of skills.
  5. check me on stitching tools

    What YinTx wrote-- ditto for me. Also, use cheaper leather for learning and practicing things. Once you have a technique down, you are less likely to ruin a more expensive piece.
  6. If you are making a lot of them, then getting a cutting die made is the way to go. If you are making a few of them, then make a durable template for this (out of heavy cardstock, or plastic). Then you lay it on the leather and trace around it to get that same shape over and over.
  7. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Keep the build-in-progress reports coming-- you never know when somebody else will want to do the same thing and find your experiences valuable. Let's see the coolness happen, step by step!
  8. A different sort of wallet

    Oh, that's a great piece! That's a real eye-catching (pun intended) design in so many ways! I bet you could sell a bunch of those.
  9. Male Nightingale Armor Skyrim - WIP

    Ah, the puzzle becomes clearer now! First thing that comes to my mind is the decorative designs on the armor -- it seems to me that to get that same effect on actual leather, they would not be tooled on the surface, either with a pear shader tool or with a beveller tool. I think that modeling those lines from behind in an embossing effect, perhaps even wet-forming them over some kind of rigid mold, is the way to get those deep ridges. As for the black (which is your original question) -- hopefully some color and finish experts (not me!) can help you out here.
  10. On a Facebook group, somebody posted this video of a person making his own stitching pony out of wood. The maker creates an ingenious cam mechanism using a wooden cylinder.
  11. Advice for creating weathered black effect?

    Hey, it's another Tacoma member! Welcome to the forum. As for the desired effect, if you can put a clearer picture up, then that will help viewers figure out what look you are trying to replicate.
  12. Angelus makes a Lt. Rose colored dye which I have used. It's quite pink! (See their online color chart: You could also dilute it with their Neutral (colorless) dye if you desire.
  13. Recommended starting stamps

    Condolences on the passing of your father-- may your leatherwork be a memorial to his life. Here are some names to go with the tool numbers posted above, as found on Tandy's current website. b197 = smooth beveler p206 = pear shader v407 = veiner c431 = camouflage s722 = seeder The following chart may help you figure out which tools you have ( 100 = background seeder (?) 429 = camouflage Some of your tool numbers I can't locate on the catalog or the chart, but now we've got a good start on what you have. You currently have a good starting set to learn the basics of traditional western floral style, except that you seem to be missing a background tool (see the A series in the PDF chart above-- A104, A114, A118). Recommending further tools depends on just what you plan on doing with them. (Like checkered backgrounders, mulefoot tools, border stamps, figure bevelers, etc.) Do you have a swivel knife and a way to sharpen it?
  14. Vegan leather is leather made out of vegans.... Right?
  15. Splinted arm guard

    What's on the inside of that? the visible edges are a tease. ;-)