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  1. Another Canuk

    Well, I don't go to Starbucks now, and I have been to Tim Horton's a few times; I shopped at Dominion and Sobey's stores as well; and I got used to using Celsius and Kilometers (not to mention buying gasoline by the liter). I need to work on my apologizing. Sorry about that...
  2. Another Canuk

    I lived three years in Newfoundland (going to university there). Can I be an honorary Canadian? ;-)
  3. Hand stitching thread and needle preferences

    Interesting! I have never used Tiger thread, but now my interest is piqued. The next time I need a thread color, I'll replace it with some Tiger thread to experience it myself.
  4. First Project

    That's a good starting project -- it got you experience in a few things (hole making, lacing, lacing around corners, dyeing) so you can use what you learned in your next work. What dye (and color) did you use there? and on a humorous aside, never apologize for using "scrap" --- all that word means is small leather bits you haven't found a use for yet! ;-) I've got a fair bit of scrap around, just waiting for the right moment when I need a piece of leather just that size....
  5. Hand stitching thread and needle preferences

    Let me add my 2 pennyworth to the mix here: I find that after sewing for a while, the waxed thread starts to get unwaxed (it rubs off as you pull it through the holes). So I have a cake of just plain beeswax that I run over the thread. Nothing fancy, and I haven't found any reason to do anything else yet. Maybe Zulu's (or other people's recipes for wax stuff) holds up to wear (such as wallet stitches) better than what I do. This seems to be related to thinner threads; thicker threads probably hold more wax in their fibers.
  6. Tooling help for a long time newb

    Seems to me that the only answer to this question is this: if this makes the tooling better for you, then "switch-hitting" is fine. As a right-hander, I have metal tool in left hand, and mallet in the right, and it seems to go fine. Then again, I've played the violin for years, and so perhaps my left hand is used to finesse work.
  7. Hand stitching thread and needle preferences

    Over in my tool box I have a few spools of waxed linen thread in a few different colors, which I purchased from here: They have a good selection of colors, and the waxed linen is good for historical re-enactment stuff, and it wears well. I use 4 ply in the 50 gram size spool, which is a good amount of thread. I often separate the threads so I have two 2-ply strands for lighter stuff. I also have some Tandy black, white, and natural waxed thread, for less "fancy" work. It seems to work fine. I am using no special needles-- just a general use 10 pack from Tandy, and some glover's needles for garment leather.
  8. At Disney no one can hear you scream

    Oh, yeah, that breaks at least two copyrights, like you said! But putting that aside, it's a lovely mash-up concept!
  9. Hello from Ohio

    You should go to Youtube and check out the videos that Ian Atkinson has posted for his small shop, Leodis Leather. He has some great material there, and I think he does what you are looking for (not tooling, but leather bags and wallets and such.) Start with this one: Top 25 recommended leather tools.-->
  10. Hello from Ohio

    Welcome DocDaddy! Do you know how to do a search in this forum? There's an oval "Search" bar with a question mark up at the right hand top of the screen. If you type search terms like "starting out" or "essential tools" then you'll find discussion threads about those topics. The short answer is basically what are you trying to do (tooling? shoe making? saddle making? bags and purses? hand stitching? machine stitching?) and how much money do you want to spend?
  11. First ever bag!

    That is some NICE, careful work. It's beautiful, and I would be very proud to make (and own!) a bag like that turned out. That's like a marathon of hand stitching, and you completed the 26 mile run!
  12. Greetings from Ohio

    My wife's family lives across Dayton from you, over in Fairborn. Welcome to the forum!
  13. tablet/iPad case with quilted interior

    You have good photographs of your work, too, which really helps present it to the buyer. Can you describe your setup? Some of us might benefit from your experience here.
  14. tablet/iPad case with quilted interior

    That's nice work. Some classic, simple lines there that work well together!
  15. One resource I know of is Brettun's Village up in Maine. They do custom shape cutting -- email them for rates to see if they match your needs and price range: Website=, email =