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  1. Where to find bag closures

    understand good luck
  2. Where to find bag closures

    The buckleguy may have them.
  3. I have been requested to make a holster for a Sig Sauer Ultra compact 1911, i do not have a blue gun or the 1911 (its in another state). I was wondering if anyone had a blue gun in that model i could borrow for a while. Please let me know, thanks
  4. slim jim holster

    I agree dikman I'll figure something out, right or wrong. Lol
  5. slim jim holster

    thanks for ideas, I've been pondering it for a while. As well as your ideas i was thinking the knife running down the site rail area some how. I guess I had better get some cardboard and start figuring.
  6. Ok, I have an odd request to make a slim jim type holster for a black powder pistol, what's odd is they want a knife case, (old antler handle knife) sewn on the front of the holster. Has anyone done anything like this, any ideas. It's kind of interesting figuring out how I'm going to make this happen.
  7. Good place to buy by the square foot or precut pieces?

    i would try tandy for a small piece
  8. very nice, i like the two tone
  9. Buck knife sheath

    That's a very nice design and great idea.
  10. Bowie Sheath

    ditto with all comments, great work
  11. Blue guns 'n' stuff

    That seems like a great price