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  1. Good place to buy by the square foot or precut pieces?

    i would try tandy for a small piece
  2. Should I return this?

    Send it back.
  3. very nice, i like the two tone
  4. Buck knife sheath

    That's a very nice design and great idea.
  5. Bowie Sheath

    ditto with all comments, great work
  6. Blue guns 'n' stuff

    That seems like a great price
  7. stevensville, almost neighbors lol
  8. very nice and its nice to see another Montana person on here.
  9. I make key fobs, i would down load a picture but I've never figured out how to do it, always says file to large????
  10. New kid in town (titles are hard)

    enjoy and lots, this is a great site
  11. Okay, I surrender ;)

    dang gonna miss your input, enjoy yourself up north.