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  1. sewing speed

    Thank you all for the replies. I had already completed the sewing on the two belts and each one took a full day. i just can't picture it being done in 2 hours.
  2. sewing speed

    This apples to hand sewing. How long does it take to do a stitched belt. It takes me over five hours to do a 40 inch belt. Do you use one thread per side?
  3. Hello from Florida

    Just north of Fort Myers here
  4. Was he involved? Great chance to teach basic skills
  5. My First Holster

    Love the decorative stitch. The others pointed out the big thing, don't cover the mag release. That serves two purposes. One less chance of accidental mag release and it allows for more grip purchase on the draw. Now get to work on a good sturdy gun belt for him
  6. FN 40 snap on holster set

    I love the slope on the strap. How hard was that to get squared up?
  7. Stingray Wallet

    I have been thinking of doing a stingray holster inlay. I may rethink that
  8. Hand sewing tip for people with arthritis

    Thanks I will give it a try
  9. nice. I too would like to know if you got feedback
  10. Getting Black to Stay True Black!

    what kind of cases. Shotshell?