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  1. Took the plunge...

    i can't even get to watch 10 mins without one of my 3 kids coming to commandeer the telly..
  2. Took the plunge...

    i dont get that cartoon here.. i've seen Wuta at europelle.. but never come across any amy rokes locally ... i got a number of nameless ones from a chinese wholesale site.. they work ok (both the diamond and euro style), just that they are not polished, so they tend to stick a bit more.. been trying to strop them.. the chinese euro style chisels come in 2 + 5 + 10 was thinking of the 9 prong for 3.25mm .. but decided against it as my use for this size will be on small items mainly .. instead of knocking 3 times, just knock 6 times.. smooth in, smooth out .. so not so headache..bigger items, i think i will definitely want a 9 ( prong) but the main thing i like about crimson is that it is like multiple awls..the holes made , are like what some of the reviewers call, rice shape.. its not as big as a diamond.. and its not a slit like the euro style i have..
  3. Took the plunge...

    personally, while the diamonds are good, i find the holes made tend to be a bit big on the top side, if using the wrong thread.. and using european style chisels or pricking irons, necessitated the use of the awl to open up the hole a bit more.. i find the crimsons to make the hole just nice.. wide enough, but not too wide.. while i wouldn't say that the crimsons made me better at hand sewing, i know that i like them.. it went in easy, it came out easy .. the holes made were nice and tight, and i didn't need to tap them as many times as i would with the other chisels i have unlike the other tools I had (which were China made, finishing was a bit rough, and I've been trying to polish them up a bit), this one was a breeze to use just a card holder i put together after getting the crimsons.. i'm intending to get the 4mm next month .. cant decide between a 2+5 or 2+9 set tho.. the current one is a 3.25mm which i am using for small items (card cases, key tags)... the 4mm will be for larger items..
  4. Took the plunge...

    yippe! i'll be collect my irons tomorrow morning!
  5. Took the plunge...

    good thing for me, is that they are not too far off, and i can collect it from them .. probably a 15 mile bicycle ride to and fro..
  6. Took the plunge...

    decided to get the Crimson irons in a 3.25mm (2+5 prong) set! A bit pricey, but it seems the holes the iron produces is exactly what i want... I watched the review by Nigel, and I like the way he said that if you used these irons, and still can't get good stitching, then it's you and not the iron...
  7. i think the Tandy stuff are made in TW.. so i guess Ivan is the OEM for Tandy, as i've seen some items on a JP site listed as Ivan, but in a Tandy box...
  8. Stohlman's Book Method

    been hearing about Crimson Hides.. didnt realise that they are a local (to me) company!...
  9. First Tote bag

    ooooooo nice!
  10. What’s your opinion of the edge?

    i've thought about the same thing too .. though i think that elmers, on the edge of the leather, tend to darken it a lot, and a number of comments i've read, is that it doesnt look burnish nicely with the other parts of the edge.... but of course, those are just the bit that squeezed out... if the whole edge was evenly coated with a light application of elmers, it might possibly look ok? doesn't shine enough, sadly.. but, overall, i am quite happy with how it turned out as it kept down the edge fibers..
  11. What’s your opinion of the edge?

    @battlemunky that is the look I am going for, tho I am not decided on whether it should be glossier .. thought I see general consensus is that people like shiny things. It was my wife’s idea to try the 2 colors @VabaX I tend to be heavy handed when burnishing .. squashing the edge.. been trying a lighter touch , but tend to have some furry bits left.. like what you and bolt mentioned, I probably have to do a tad bit more sanding between the burnishing..
  12. What’s your opinion of the edge?

    @Bolt Vanderhuge , you mean the overall edge or the hairy bits that is visible ⅓ the way up from the left side? Not sure if it’s the pine resin picking up fibers in my pocket .. but then again, I didn’t quite burnish the edges for fear of loosing the distinct line between the leather .. like you mentioned, i will probably try to sand it to a higher grit after this .. hopefully this removes the fibers thanks @bikermutt07!
  13. What’s your opinion of the edge?

    does it need to be shinier? i used 3/3/1 of coconut oil, beeswax and pine resin, as i was wondering if : the oil to absorb into the edge, the beeswax, when rubbed, gets liquefied and seeps into the fibre and pine resin to "glue" down the edge fibres without too much burnishing involved.. the concoction was a failed attempt for thread wax... decided to re-purpose it instead
  14. Just finished up a dual color bifold card case .. as it was 2 colors, I didn’t want to burnish the edges into a single edge.. I do not have gum trag, so I applied a home made concoction to the edge and used some flannelette cloth (for cleaning firearms) to rub the edges.. at least it kept the 2 distinct colors
  15. Best Leather weight to get?

    thanks Scooby.. took me 3hours in total for the straps which are about 16 inches long (x 4).. , while the thread color was something my wife wanted.. ( i had to get few different colors cause my wife and kids all liked different colors) the hides i see in the shop are even stretchier and thinner than the buffalo .. i guess one of the safest option would be to line the inside..