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  1. @bikermutt07 i like your signature .. similar to what my wife says about me ... spend 1 grand and months to make something that could have been bought , for 20 times less.. I'm not paying 80 bucks for a belt!!! It's a strip of leather. How hard could it be? 4 years and 3 grand later.... I have a belt I can finally live with. and did i mention, I bought the item as well....
  2. I get then slant on the left, since I start on the left. With casting on the left, I get a straight stitch line at the back.. without casting (is that the correct term), I would get slants on both sides
  3. true that! thats what i told my kids.. consistency is key here ... doesnt matter if the slant is there or not.. just need to ensure that all the stitches are the same..
  4. i gave up on the terminology and just stuck to sticking the item into the pony with the top of the slant facing towards me, and sew left handed/starting from left side (though i am right handed) towards myself, with casting on the left side. if using reverse irons, then i change it to the right side..
  5. i wanted something like that originally, but have no access to woodworking tools or equipments.. else, i would prolly want a horse rather than pony.. for this one, i paid less than SGD40 with shipping, for 2 units (my kids) from Wuta as well .. again, during 11.11 sale..
  6. i just got the exact same one from Wuta... ordered during their 11.11 sale on Taobao
  7. How is this for a start?

    i do it the way i think it's done by Nigel .. the upper part of the slant is point up towards me .... and i go in left first , tighten the left needle with a loop left behind (which is now on the opposite side), and the right needle goes in front of it, towards the the top of the slant .. once in, the loop formed by the left needle drops over the right (casting?)... thats what i showed my kids.. if the holes were punched on the right side, then i do right needle in first and reverse the loop .. whichever the case, i told them they need to be consistent .. it doesnt need to be done this way .. just that which ever way they did it, they have to do it all the way to the end.. no rights or no wrongs..
  8. How is this for a start?

    once i get the corner cutter in, i will letting them sew their own card holders... think it will please them lots to carry around something they made with their own hands.. right now . i'm having issues cutting out the ID windows
  9. How is this for a start?

    @Aven nope .. no music or tv ... not yet at least , as they can be distracted quite easily.. @battlemunky fairly ok .. my daughter seems to be able to get the front and back consistent.. my son on the other hand, is not consistent.. just yesterday, my son's stitches on the back was a bit off, with a few stitches out of alignment with the others.. might be because i gave them a new piece to practice on and the holes were tight and he was having to put down the needles a lot .. even broke a needle's eye with his hands .. once i saw that, i awled out the holes for my daughter's new piece @rodneywt1180b better then mine too , and i am trying to figure why ... they pull it quite tight as well, but dont seem to have the same issue as me..
  10. How is this for a start?

    same! if i could get that level of consistency... my kids sew better then me!
  11. New pricking irons unboxing

    never thought about that!
  12. New pricking irons unboxing

    something similar will probably work .. as long you dont have to hold it in your hand .. the bad thing with this small light is that when i hammer the chisel... it bounces ..
  13. New pricking irons unboxing

    i use this .. cause if shine from the top, you will obstruct the light with your hand holding the iron .. so i shine on the same plane as leather piece .. move it around till i get good lighting to confirm the position..
  14. New pricking irons unboxing

    i had the same issue, that's why i try to get 9 or 10 tooth, in order to use more than 1 hole for over lapping .. i currently overlap 3 holes,which result in a straighter punched line for me .. i use a small light that i can position anywhere (but not above) to ensure my tooth is on the line i will be keeping my cheap 4mm diamonds though i dont use them now, so that i can let my son use then when he is learning ..