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  1. Vintage Fortuna V50 vs. Modern Chinese clone

    Hi Ed I have a similar skiver, from a different producer. I can not see, this machine to be converted to having knife and feed wheel run at different speed. Brgds Danish Man
  2. Skiving machine tool

    I am just wondering if a hook wrench can be used for the second nut (the one with the red arrow)
  3. Skiving machine tool

    Thank you for your help. I actually ordered a hook spanner wrench 2 weeks ago, but I just wanted to make sure. Very good point also about the reverse threading. How can that be determined by a skiving machine newbie? Brgds Danish Man
  4. Skiving machine tool

    I guess some kind of slotted nut tool, but what about the middle of the nut with a hole in???
  5. Skiving machine tool

    Dear Friends I am very new into leather machinery, and I have just bought an old skiving machine. I want to take the machine apart, but I am not familar with a certain nut. What kind of tool is needed for this? Best regards Danish Man
  6. Skiving machine spare parts

    Hi Jimi I have not gone further so far. And as you said - probably better to buy original stuff, though they are more difficult to get hold of. I am receiving a big 220 volt clutch motor soon. I hope that it is sufficient torque to run the skiving machine. The fact that it does not have to drive the machine from zero speed, but engages at around 1400 rpm should give hope. Best regards Danish Man
  7. Barn find

    I will actually go and salvage som more sewing machines on Tuesday. Hopefully get 6-7 more machines. Mostly 145's and possibly a two needle 545. I will also look for Singers, but I did not see many on the first trip. Best regards Danish Man
  8. Barn find

    Billeder:Symaskine, Symaskiner, Har....html
  9. Barn find

    Hi Wizcraft. I think you are right. I saw it in the barn as well - very dirty. Difficult to see the condition. Best regards Søren
  10. Barn find

    I recall seing old black leather machine with walking foot - Pfaff or Singer and very old. Does that ring a bell for anyone here? Best regards Danish Man
  11. Barn find

    The poor guy just wanted to get rid of some of the stuff. I tell you - it was madness.
  12. Barn find

    Here are a couple of photos - there were around 40-50 sewing machines (mostly industrial) and around 15 three phase clutch motors. It is a young couple who bought a farm house, which was filled with scrap.
  13. Barn find

    I just came across a barn find in Denmark. A man had collected sewing machines for many years and placed them in a barn. I managed to get three Pfaff 145 and one Pfaff 195. Two of them in reasonable condition. In total there were around 50 old sewing machines. I am not sure about rarity, but there may be some good pieces among the scrap. Best regards Danish Man
  14. Skiving machine spare parts

    Dear Friends I bought an old skiving machine and got it to work nicely with a 220 volt motor. Now I bought an even older machine, and when looking for spare parts, they are hard to find, except when turning to China. But what is the quality of chinese sparepars, i.e. bell knife, belts grindstone etc? Any ideas? Brgds DanishMan
  15. Skiving machine motor

    Hi Matt. Good point - I will check it out. Cheers Soren