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  1. PFAFF 193 needle hitting hook

    Hi Wizcrafts. I am interested in learning to do it myself, but you are right - a mechanic might be an idea (if I can look over his shoulder).
  2. PFAFF 193 needle hitting hook

    Hi Wizcrafts Thank you for your input. I have come to the same conclusion, but as a sewing machine newbie, it is nice to get confirmation. Brgds DanishMan
  3. PFAFF 193 needle hitting hook

    I have seen this, but it is not crystal clear to me. From what I can see, one has to move the "tower". But in a later video from "SewGood" he also removes a latch on the side of the "tower" for some adjustment, but I am not sure of which - Being a non native english speaker, I might be loosing a few details. Brgds Danish Man
  4. Dear Friends I am trying to help a friend in fixing a PFAFF 193. She bought it with a broken hook and now got a new one. However, when installing the hook, it touches the needle, which was probably the reason for the broken hook in the first place. How do one adjust the hook distance? Is it necessary loosen the gear beneath the machine and move the entire "post tower" or is there some place to fine tune? Brgds Danish Man
  5. Seiko CW-1 in Sweden

    I just came across this machine. Looks to be in very good shape at a price of 440 Euros. https://www.blocket.se/helsingborg/SEIKO_CW_1_Industrisymaskin_83301118.htm?ca=11&w=3
  6. Pfaff 145 help

    Is it a 145 or a 195?
  7. Hi Uwe I had an idea, that the differences were small. I have a lot of presser feet - some smooth and some teethed. It should not be a problem then to convert it to a leather machine. Brgds Danish Man
  8. Dear Friends Two months ago I salvaged four PFAFF 145s from a garage in Denmark. One is up and running with, and I am about to start on the next one. One of the machines is a H3 with a safety clutch but for fabric - not leather. What is the difference between a H3 Sxx and a H3 Lxx? Brgds Danish Man
  9. Pfaff 1245

    But can the machine be operated without the pneumatic device? Brgds DanishMan
  10. Pfaff 1245

    I am afraid, I only have to low quality photos of the machine
  11. Pfaff 1245

    Hi Anyone here with knowledge of a PFAFF 1245 with pneumatic presser lift. I have seen one for sale and it appears to be configured for pneumatic presser lift and bartacking. Obviously a 380 volt motor. Can this be configured for a 220 volt servomotor - and possibly manual presser lift? Brgds Danish Man
  12. Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    I guess you are right - but still weird. The package must have taken severe beating.
  13. Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    Really strange, that a shaft of stainless steel can fracture like that
  14. Pfaff 1295

    Sorry for the poor quality
  15. Pfaff 1295

    Dear Friends I just came across this machine: From what I can see, it is a 1245 with air pressure foot lifter. I am also sure, that it is 380 volts. Is it possible to convert this machine to 220 volts? Brgds Danish Man Billeder:Industri symaskine, Med ove....htmlBilleder:Industri symaskine, Med ove....html