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  1. 83Paulp

    Starting out tools required

    Thanks Chrisash, I'll take a look at the suppliers. Regarding the tools, I know I need -Mauls/mallet, scratch awl, wood slicker, craft knife and rotary cutter, skiver, cutting mat and board, strap cutter, stitching groover, metal rules, stitching pony, needles, pricking irons, punches, edge beveler. Is there anything else? Regarding needles, pricking irons, punches, edge beveler. What sizes would you suggest I would need for making wallets, wallet lanyards and belts? Thanks Paul
  2. 83Paulp

    Starting out tools required

    Morning leatherworkers, I bet you have all been asked this question before. I'm about to start adventure in leather craft, I'm needing good quality leather tools to start making leather wallet, wallet lanyards, belts and bags. Not really 100% sure on the tools required! I know I will need things like pricking iron but I'm so confused about sizes etc, and other tools required. My grandfather done a lot of leather work but is unfortunately not around anymore to share his knowledge and all his tools are unsalvageable. It would be great if you could help, I don't have a bottomless pit of money. But I do understand it's worth buying good quality tools. I'm based in the UK, so any suggestions on suppliers would be great also. Thanks Paul