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  1. Thread burning but not the leather!

    Stetson912, Thank you, YinTx, I went thru several of those thread zappers and the tips all bent and broke or they just would not get hot. I finally got this: https://www.iso-tip.com/product/quick-charge-soldering-iron-kit-boxed-7700/ It is not cheap but it has been working very well for months now. The tips will not bend and break.
  2. Briefcase finished this week

    I like the way the rod distributes the load evenly across the top. What is the rod made of? It looks like something I would like to try. Thanks
  3. Briefcase finished this week

    Very impressive! What did you do exactly with the handle attachment? Its looks like the dee rings are going through a rod covered with leather at the top.
  4. Horse collar latch attachment

    Big Sioux, Thank you for the informative reply. I guess I might have to come up with a way to attach them so they can be replaced without too much effort. I get them from Weaver. They have brass and stainless. I imagine the brass would wear out a lot faster then the stainless. What do you think?
  5. Horse collar latch attachment

    Big Sioux, Is there a lot of tension on them when they are used for their intended purpose?
  6. I have made 4 bags so far (working on my 5th) using the horse collar latch. I notice that quite a few bags that use this latch have a retainer strip to prevent the latch from opening inadvertently. I have never had this problem. I can take the bags I have made and turn them upside down and shake without the latch opening. I wondered about this and I think it may be the way I am mounting them. Most of the bags I see have the upper portion mounted under the flap edge. Mine are partially over the flap which angles them in. FWIW I think this helps to prevent unintended openings.
  7. Grey Drakkon, Thank you. As far as the buckles go I see your point, They are made in different colors though. I may have to try something different.
  8. I have seen a lot of beautiful edge work(not mine yet). I am wondering which edge treatments hold up the best to a lot of handling like wallet edges,shoulder straps, belts etc. Right now I am burnishing with beeswax after using saddle soap. Are there any clear coatings that would not eventually crack from the leather flexing. What do you do for long lasting edge work?
  9. rameyleathercraft, Thank you very much.
  10. Monica, Thank you. I like the way you put that. I'm always trying to improve on what I've done before. Sometimes it actually works out.
  11. Backstitching with tiger thread

    Brianm77, It's when you wrap the thread around the needle on each stitch which sort of forms a knot. There are tutorials on the web showing you how to do it.
  12. Backstitching with tiger thread

    Mattsbagger, Yes, I tried not casting my last 2 stitches on a sample piece and it does seems to work better. When I backstitch over a "cast' stitch I find that I end up pushing through the braid and this hangs up the works. When I have used unbraided cord I don't have this problem. Yes I'm thinking out loud too.
  13. electrathon, TrooperChuck, Thank you guys. I try to design things that will last. I have seen too many briefcases with handles that failed. The way some handles are attached look like an after thought to me. Problem is when you design things for long term durability you compromise the way it is going to look. I guess for me form follows function. BTW I know my stitching could be better, I'm working on it.
  14. Backstitching with tiger thread

    electratron and Bigfoote, Thank you for the replies. I think the awl size is my problem. BTW the only needles I use are John James so I guess the holes are just not big enough.