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I got a very good deal at an auction on 4 sheep skin hides (all real) but all of different look and feel. My question which are or aren't OK for saddle construction and why?

The one with the shortest nap (off white) looks and feels like the fleece I have most often seen (and is most like the artificial stuff) but wonder about the others with longer straighter nap.

Thanks in advance for any input.

PHOTO_20170820_131139 (Small).jpg

PHOTO_20170820_131147 (Small).jpg

PHOTO_20170820_131157 (Small).jpg

PHOTO_20170820_131130 (Small).jpg

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Thanks Ken. Not that I am making saddles and I have other project in mind for these but I was wondering if the nature of the fleece (long short curly straight)  made a difference but see it is the tanning that matter most ... for my education what is it specifically about bark tanned that makes it suitable for saddles?

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