Hammer, Maul, Rock? What do you use and how heavy?

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12 minutes ago, Nuttish said:

I don't do any tooling so the only maul I need is for punches. It started as a 4" HFPE rod from McMaster chucked up in an engine lathe and turned to a slightly conical shape with a countersunk hole for the handle. The handle is a former maple chair leg chucked up in a wood lathe to turn a round tenon for the business end and sand a rounded grip to fit my hand.

In case anyone's considering turning HDPE on any lathe, do yourself a favor and screw it to a plate instead of chucking it up. It deforms under pressure and will eventually wobble its way free. I can confirm from experience that something weighing several pounds getting thrown from an industrial machine is in fact terrifying.

It weighs 1.5 lbs including the handle.

This one's been in service for several years with no real damage to speak of.

Also well suited for home defense.


That is cool! I imagine lots of leverage from the back of the handle for a crushing blow that would double the force, and a nice balance for controlled strikes if held close to the poly. Thanks for the name drop. resources are invaluable.

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