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  1. I do still have the machine I don't get on here much. If your are still interested give me a call Thanks, Tim Alden (541)659-8048
  2. This is a great harness machine that has been used for saddle skirts and holsters. It is in great working condition and ready to run. I don't know if it is possible to ship because it is extremely heavy and awkward. I would like to get $3500.00 for it. if you have any questions just give me a call. Thanks, Tim Alden (541)659-8048
  3. well I had one of those to but sold it. you might check shop talk magazine they had an ad in the back for one I think in the July issue
  4. So the engine in my truck blew up last week so I will take the best offer on this machine. If anyone is interested let me know . Thanks, Tim
  5. This is a very clean Landis 5 in 1, great machine!!!!!. For sale at $650.00 buyer pays shipping. If you have any questions just send me a message. Thanks, Tim
  6. This Is sold thanks a bunch.
  7. Sorry it took so long to get back to you I don't log on very often. I do still have the embosser and would like to get $2600.00 for it let me know what you think, I am open for an offer. Thanks, Tim Alden
  8. Do you have a phone number?
  9. As you can see from the photo there is some rust on the head of the machine but all moving parts are clean and in good condition. It is a good machine but we have two landis machines we use all the time and just don't have a use for it. I would like to get $1000 or best offer. I am not sure what it would cost to ship, but I would guess it wouldn't be cheap. Thanks, Tim
  10. I have a correction it is not a miller it is actually a McMillan. If anyone has any other information on it that would be great
  11. From the album Me

    Cigar alligator belly inlaid brand with barbed wire stiching

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  12. From the album Me

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  13. Miller Embosser 20" throat, with clutch motor. Comes with many embossing wheels Basket stamp, Floral, Braided, and many different borders. This machine is in great condition and hasn't had much use. We Got it with a complete saddle shop and it was listed at $4,000. We hand stamp all our projects so there just isn't much reason to keep it, but it is a great machine. If you have any question or would like to make an offer feel free to call or write. Thanks, Tim (541)-659-8048
  14. This a an old 5 1/2" wide American Splitter. It is a little dusty but works great. We just don't have a use for it in our shop. I would like to get $700 or best offer. If you are interested I can fin out a price for shipping. Feel Free to call or write. Thanks, Tim Alden (541) -659-8048