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  1. Im looking for an individual that can scan a picture off the cover of a book and transfer it to a piece of leather. The picture needs to be greatly detailed and most I have talked to dont have the capability to scan from the book, they have to have the art work already. If anyone knows of someone that can handle this please let me know. Try to include contact info as well. Heres the book cover, the logo needed is in the center of the book. Need to logo to be about 2x3 inches or somewhere close. Thanks Clint Williams Gun Leather
  2. Stitched with a boss stitching machine and yes T-nuts are how they are attached . That is until I find a better way to attach them .
  3. I haven't posted in a while . Thought I would post up what i have been up to . This is a set I made for my girlfriend for idpa . left handed pancake for a s&w mountain gun . Built for a local customer iwb for a walther ppk , built for a customer in s.e. kansas new style iwb that I have been building lately and has become my edc rig . This one was built for a customer locally who also is an instructor and csb fanatic . It is dual layer at the mouth on the front and back cause one handed reholstering was a must . He also shoots idpa with the very same rig . couple of simple pancakes with natural finish and a new sealer im using that seems to work pretty good .
  4. Hello From Wichita Ks

    Saying hello from Wichita KS . Im the owner and operator of Williams Gun Leather , just a small little business with just me for now . I still do most of the work by hand except the stitching with a boss machine . Attached is a example of my work .Im still learning new things everyday and still cant get enough .