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  1. The G30 and the G30SF are basically the same, including slide width, The only difference is that the G30SF (short frame) is very slightly shorter from the backstrap to the trigger.(think better for smaller hands) The G30 blue gun should be fine for you to make a G30SF holster.. I think you guys are confusing the newer G30S with the G30SF. The G30S has the thinner slide/barrel of the G36 on a G30SF frame.....So a G30 blue gun would not work to make a G30S holster. PS. There is no manual safety on any standard factory Glock. They all use the Glock "safe action trigger"
  2. Really nice! Your work looks excellent.
  3. Thanks Chief, I just wanted to confirm that others were using #6 for them. I have been using all 8-32 hardware with a little "machining" to the heads, but the PTD snap stud is much shallower then the standard snap stud and I want to get away from fooling around making the hardware fit. I would have preferred staying with the #8 size for strength, But will just order new #6 hardware for the new PTD snaps. I am going with a undercut head so I have as much clearance as possible
  4. OK I just bought my first batch of Pull the dot snaps for IWB loops, and now need to order a box of screws that have heads that will fit down in the stud part and will it allow the snap to function properly. It seems that I am going to have to use a 6-32 T nut and use 6-32 undercut flat head screws. Is this correct? What hardware are you guys using with the Pull The DOT snaps? Thanks!
  5. Iwb

    I believe this is what you seek.
  6. Very nice, clean looking work! I think he will be very happy with his gift.
  7. I always put on a coat of Kiwi neutral shoe polish over my 50/50 resolene finish as a final finish . That is what I would tell them to use.
  8. Magazine Holster

    I suggest you try Pro oil black dye it will penetrate better then the USMC black, and requires much, much less buffing. After dying any color I always oil, then seal with an acrylic sealer, I use Resolene = No rub off at all.
  9. Thank you all for the very nice compliments! Jaymack, They can be a little tricky with the thickness and trigger guard shape. David, Shark hide is nice to work with IMO, I think the hardest part was laying out and then finding my stitch marks in the deep grooves.
  10. After much inspiration from Shooters and all the other members many great exotic postings... I made a new high ride, OWB, winter carry rig for my Glock 26. I used Black Shark, over Herman Oak dyed Cordovan, with black on the edges and inside and hand stitched w/ black thread. Here it is...
  11. Wow! that is awesome grain. Where do you get your horsehide from? I just got some to try from Springfield but it don't look anything like that!
  12. Very very nice! Is that leather pre dyed that color or did you dye it? If you dyed it what did you use?... My tan fiebings comes out more lt. brown then tan.
  13. "The 'inside' of the paddle, (that will go closest to the lady's firm, smooth, tend - -- uh, closest to her skin)" LOL ! I am glad to see you are feeling better! This is a very nice rig... I was thinking about trying my hand at making a paddle holster for myself for a quick and comfortable grab and go winter carry holster for my G26 and really appreciate all the info you are sharing.
  14. Looks great Shooter, really like the two exotics together... I want to try a combo myself. I just picked up a few small pieces of different types of exotic hide from Springfield to try, but they only sold the full quill ostrich by the whole hide'$... it quickly was removed from my cart LOL... I agree a 1911 and Kydex just don't go together... Looks well done though.