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  1. All, I just want to extend a "Big" Thank-You to Dave Cole of DCole Knifes & Leather, and his gracious wife Brenda for welcoming me into their home to help get me started on the right foot. Dave's willingness to share his knowledge, and provide a complete stranger several hours of his time was not only refreshing but shows just what kind of a guy Dave really is. First of all, Dave took the time to help develop a list of beginning tools that are really needed (not what the industry wants to sell you). He also showed me the techniques of how go from an idea to the finished project, i.e. pattern making (and remaking if you're not quite happy w/ your 1st attempt) choosing the material for your project and valuable insight as to why. Finally what I thought would be the most difficult was the art of hand stitching and little secrets that make the final product look so nice. I can't begin tell you what a wealth of information Dave provided, and how much I appreciate his time, and talent. The price for all of this information, Nada!!! Not one dime, heck they even provided refreshments. Dave is one of a kind; a talented Knife maker, Leather crafter, and just one hell-of-a nice guy. Thanks, Dave I truly appreciated your time... -Calvin This was my Father's knife that bounced around my drawer for years. Thanks Dave….. http://i1214.photobu...rk/DSC03156.jpg
  2. Thank you Dave, I work in WP and recently looked them up. They are now on the list.. Thx..
  3. Hello: Looking for a bit of a mentor in Orlando to get me started. I am brand new no tools no projects, just love the look and idea of working w/ leather. Would like to have a chance to talk to someone whom has been at it a while. Thanks. -Calvin