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  1. Thanks WScott! Yeah, that's what I figured, I mean I won't get better unless I get feedback on what needs to be improved. Yeah, looking back, I can definitely see that my edge detailing needs a bit of work, I think it comes down to needing more practice as well, but yeah! I appreciate the feedback guys As for the stitching, I've just gotten a few stitching guides as well, so that should improve, too.
  2. Hey guys, I've mainly made a series of leather cuffs and bracelets, as well as a few sheathes. I was just wondering if you guys could tell me what y'all think, and what I could do better. This is personally one of my favorites, and I wish I had better photos of it, photo courtesy of Takara Rose Photography, however. and here's another cuff that I made and one of the recent sheathes I made, I posted a thread about the boot knife earlier this week, and got around to making it!
  3. Slicknick

    Boot Knife Sheath?

    That's what I was thinking, that's a good idea. Maybe pop a few rivets along the sides there to lace through, depending on how it would be worn. I appreciate it man! Any other thoughts would be awesome, too!
  4. Slicknick

    Boot Knife Sheath?

    Hey there guys, I received a set of throwing knives recently, and came to realize that these would make excellent boot knifes. I was wondering what the ideal way to make a sheath for one of these is, I think it'd just be a friction sheath to hold it in. The problem is, I'm not sure how I would design it so that the handle would be covered, without it looking awkward, since the bottom half of the blade needs to fit as well. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! The overall length of the knife (including the handle) is about 5.5 inches, and it's about an inch and a half to two inches wide.
  5. Slicknick

    What Is This?

    Hey there everyone, I made a post about some leatherworking tools I've inherited from my grandfather a while ago, and I was doing some work of my own the other day, and I came across a tool (I think?) and I'm not sure what purpose it serves, or what it does. I think it has to do with shoemaking, since he worked for cole-haan for many years, designing shoes, but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys.
  6. Hey all, I've recently been commissioned to make a knife sheath for a friend of mine, and I have a question...? I know it shouldn't just be two layers, but should I harden some leather (using the 180 degree water method), to line the inside with, as to prevent the knife from cutting away at the stitching from the inside out? Just curious, thanks in advance everyone! By any chance, are there any really specific knife sheath tutorials/guides posted around on here?
  7. Slicknick

    Saddle Soap

    Personally, I use the gum, with a burnisher to finish off my sides. I've heard that using saddle soap is really only good if you don't have any gum tragacanth around.
  8. Slicknick

    Some Pretty Basic Questions!

    Hey, thanks guys, the kind folks over at tandy definitely helped me out a lot with my edging and dying questions, and I've worked out most of my stitching problems now!
  9. Hey guys, I've been doing leatherwork for a fair while now, and I've made a few sheaths and right now I'm working on a project for a wrist cuff. One thing that's always bothered me is that the edges of my leather is sharp, rather than rounded, I've tried using light sandpaper, but it doesn't seem to help much. I seem to recall somebody mentioning something about an "edging knife", however I can't seem to find the topic again, and a google search hasn't helped much either. I plan on going to Tandy tomorrow to pick up some leather and a few latches to have around, so I'll be sure to ask there too. So how exactly do I finish off the edges of a piece? My next question involves stitching - specifcally with a stitching awl. I know how to use it, and I've been finishing off my stiching with it by running the end through the last stitch, then tying it in a knot, like you would a regular needle and thread, on both sides. However this doesn't exactly look... well good. Am I doing this wrong? Is there another method any of y'all out there like to use? Or is that simply how it's done? In regards to dying a piece of leather ( and yes, I know there's a million and one ways to go about it ), what's the simplist and easiest way? With a brush I'd assume? Also, should I dye it before or after I tool/stamp and or stitch it? I've seen conflicting posts, saying it's a good idea to dye it before I stich it, and punch my holes. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! -Nicholas
  10. Slicknick

    How Do You Do Holes?

    I personally prefer to just mark where I need the hole using a stylus, line it up with a punch, and give it a few solid whacks with my rawhide mallet.
  11. Slicknick

    Inherited Antique Tools And Leather...

    I'm sure more photos would be lovely, but unless you guys really want to see THAT many punches, there isn't much to show.
  12. Slicknick

    Inherited Antique Tools And Leather...

    well, here you guys go - like I said, there's got to be at least 80 plus different punches here... I believe there are still some in his workshop actually, I should check next time I go up north... I believe Adco makes most of these They're still sharp, as he used a special block under the leather to keep them from getting dull, but they were in his workshop for a while after his death, so I suppose some of them got a little rusty. Most of them are still in fair condition.
  13. Slicknick

    Inherited Antique Tools And Leather...

    Sure, no problem I'll get take some pictures tomorrow. about ninety percent of them are punches...
  14. Hey there everyone, recently my grandfather passed away, and as part of my sixteenth birthday gift, I was given his set of leatherworking stamps and punches. He used to work for cole-haan, among other shoe companies, designing shoes. As such, along with this massive collection of fine tools, I received a rather large amount of very high quality leather... so I suppose my question is where should I start? I know that a set of knives and carving tools would help a fair bit, but those weren't part of what I was given. I do have a swivel knife though, and a few other detailing knives, but I don't know if those will do. I know some of the basics, as he was an artisan - I watched him when I was little! Any help you guys could give to me to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Anything from how to properly care for my tools, to what I should purchase, to any tips, would all be great, whatever you think would be good. Thanks in advance guys! edit: Oops, I apologize - I hadn't noticed the newbie question part of the board... if a moderator wants to move this there, I wouldn't mind at all.