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  1. Leather edge treatment, edging paint.

    Was that a jab? Seemed like a jab lol
  2. Crawfarod Waxed linen thread #18 lot

    Sold, u know the address lol
  3. **NEED HELP** Consew Con-Serv E6 error

    Alexander, you are the man! Thank you, this helps out big time. Thanks everyone for the assitance
  4. **NEED HELP** Consew Con-Serv E6 error

    R8R, thanks for the reply! It faults out right away as soon as I power up so can't do much with the controls. Should I plug in the needle positioner to clear the fault?
  5. Hello, I have a Consew con-serv CS1001 servo motor that was just mounted and now has an E6 fault on the display. Can't seem to find much info or manuals so if anyone has any remedies to fix this issue help would be much appreciated.
  6. Various Alligaator

    Nice score
  7. Exotic hide assortment.

    Sold, sending money now
  8. My Refurbished Singer 31-15

    Very nice, love the table top
  9. Overseas leather workers

    totally agree, even in tooling leather they take it to another level
  10. Just a cross stitch with waxed thread
  11. I believe it is not the same, I got this one a couple of years ago, probably one of the first actual hides I bought
  12. I've had some purple leather laying around for a while from Maverick and finally had a brain trigger so came up with this lil card holder. Thanks for looking?
  13. Had a request for wallet chains in brown and black. First time doing these so learned a couple new techniques during the process. thanks for looking!