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  1. Vertical Bifold in Gray Elephant

    I think there is still some for sale in the for sale area under leather and lace
  2. actually seems are done in the braiding and the edges are just crossed lace. I went every other hole in one direction and then every other whole in the other direction. I was going to do the braiding on the edges but after doing all the seems I wasn't mentally ready to do the edges...lol...plus I think it gives it a nice contrast with the crossed lace on the edges. Lol....can't wait to see it when it is done
  3. All the seems are done like this, which I believe is a Mexican braid or round braid
  4. Finally finished a leather vest I have been working on for what seems like forever. This is the first vest I made which was a request from my younger brother, took some time since he travels so getting the custom fit took some time, I would get sizing and fitting done any time he was in town. I used a pattern from Tandy and made a paper version of the vest out of construction paper then marked any desired changes on the paper then transferred to leather. Thanks for looking!
  5. Figure carving of Popeye

    That is bad ass! Love how much texture there is
  6. Some holiday braiding

    Calf, first time doing it so went with the calf just incase I had a ton of waste or errors
  7. Some holiday braiding

    Finally had some time to try my hand at braiding up a vest I have been working on.

    Anyone know where I can find rectangle or square leather punch, actually looking for the tips that will fit my mini set if possible?
  9. Thank you! My younger brother wears a lot of these but they only fit a watch with a 20mm lug and usually come with a cheap spring bracelet so had to come up with a design to be able to put the tip on leather
  10. Finished a couple of watch straps this weekend Elephant w/copper stitching Native American watch tips on Elephant and ostrich Shark and pink stitching