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  1. My Refurbished Singer 31-15

    Very nice, love the table top
  2. Overseas leather workers

    totally agree, even in tooling leather they take it to another level
  3. Just a cross stitch with waxed thread
  4. I believe it is not the same, I got this one a couple of years ago, probably one of the first actual hides I bought
  5. I've had some purple leather laying around for a while from Maverick and finally had a brain trigger so came up with this lil card holder. Thanks for looking?
  6. Had a request for wallet chains in brown and black. First time doing these so learned a couple new techniques during the process. thanks for looking!
  7. I got these from Hobby Lobby in the jewelry making section. I bought the bracelet bender and it came with 5 bracelets for stamping into but used them to wrap the leather and test glue adhesion. If you look around on the web I know there are jewelry making sites that offer bangle blanks
  8. there good for everything lol
  9. Finally got around to trying a leather wrapped bangle. I have been wanting to do one for a while just to experiment and had some time over the holiday to make one. Matte black python with black goat skin liner.
  10. Thank you! It is something I pick up a few years ago from Maverick, love the color just haven't used it on anything other than some accents
  11. I think there is still some for sale in the for sale area under leather and lace
  12. actually seems are done in the braiding and the edges are just crossed lace. I went every other hole in one direction and then every other whole in the other direction. I was going to do the braiding on the edges but after doing all the seems I wasn't mentally ready to do the edges...lol...plus I think it gives it a nice contrast with the crossed lace on the edges. Lol....can't wait to see it when it is done
  13. All the seems are done like this, which I believe is a Mexican braid or round braid