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    Robert Beard Pro Series ALB stamps?

    They look like leaf liners to me.
  2. bland

    Sheridan tote bag

    Very nice Ryan, the tote is incredible! It is far beyond my capabilities. For the sake of a critique there is one thing that draws my eye away from the beautiful carving. It is the lacing, especially at the corners as they are not covered well. Maybe you could go through the 3 holes around the corner twice using a flatter and wider lace. Another option is to use a double loop lacing or Mexican round braid as I think it would help set off your braided handles. Anyway, great work as always!!
  3. It depends on the look you are going for. You can stitched them in and/or riveted them in. Line them or not. If you use saddle skirting don't line or use lighter leather and line. I like an overall thickness of 10 to 12 oz. Others may like a different weight.
  4. bland

    Thin 2 1/2" wide cowhide strip.

    I know I couldn't get a uniform thickness with a razor blade. Some shops near you may have a splitter and would be willing to do the job. The time and frustration you save yourself from will be worth it.
  5. You might try posting this in the leather sewing machine forum. There are some very helpful people that follow that forum. Good luck.
  6. My 2 cents-- dye the outside border where your stitching goes resist the rest and antique with Fiebing's paste.
  7. I need some help with some design ideas for this gun. It is a modified Glock 19.
  8. Well, I finished this quite a long time ago but never got around posting what I came up with. I was not real happy with the final product. So, it is a bucket with a retention strap.
  9. That is quite a project for a first in 40 years.
  10. This is all good input thanks to all. This won't be a daily carry. It was his brother''s that past recently. Probably 99% of the time it will remain in the case. More than anything it just needs to be black and hold the gun. Dwight, thanks for your input, I really like making it a bucket to put it in. Probably with a thumb break. I like the idea of a closed toe but have never done one. Are you talking about a plug in the bottom of the holster with a drain hole in it? Do you just box stitch it in with 90 degree edges or 45? If you have any pictures of ones you have done that would be appreciated. ChiefJason, I have been thinking about an avenger style or just a belt tunnel on the back as not to put too much pressure on the accessories. On this one I don't think cost is much of a concern. Bolt, I think I will build up a blue gun with some PVC or craft sticks to form it but not be too concerned with getting a lot of definition on this one. Since it is a Glock I can probably just tape a block of wood to the front of the blue gun. Jeff, like I said not a daily carry so, I will not be using Kydex. I will however use some of your pattern making instructions and yes Simmons is a better marketer than musician. I had an acquaintance go on a KISS cruise this year with all his family. I didn't even know there was such a thing. Oh, well. Have you ever made a pattern for something like this? Thanks and keep the ideas coming!
  11. bland

    Blue Guns

    So these are the guns left? Not too interested in all the mags but for the right price I would take them. What is your best lot price? 1- S&W Shield 1- S&W M&P Compact 1 - Glock 19 1- Glock 26 1- Springfield XD Compact 1- Sig 238 1- Ruger LCP 1- S&W J Frame 2- Glock19 Mags 2- Glock 26 Mags 2- S&W Shield Mags 1 Ruger LCP Mag
  12. bland

    Blue Guns

    Do you still have some of these blue guns left? This time I'm ready to buy.
  13. I am looking at getting another machine. I have a heavy stitching machine Cobra Class 4. Now I am looking for one that is more versatile I have used a Cobra Class 20 and really liked it but am also looking at a Juki 1508H I can buy local. I have heard the Juki is a little more versatile. Thoughts?
  14. bland

    Sewing Machine Comparison

    Looks quite similar but is a cylinder machine. Another one to think about. Thanks for your input.
  15. bland

    Blue Guns

    Do you still have any of these blue guns?
  16. I recently (one month ago) got a Cobra Class 4 machine and I haven't been able to get it adjusted correctly yet. Is there a troubleshooting guide out there that shows pictures that say if your machine is doing this then try this? I did 3 passes the first two left to right and the 3rd right to left. I changed the needle between the first and second pass. Thread size 277 needle size 25 (passes 2 and 3 with S point)on a single layer of 12oz saddle skirting. The back side looks pretty good but the front looks awful.
  17. I did this late last night before I saw Bob's comment. Anyway this is 2 x 8 oz (16 oz) leather with 277 on top and bottom.
  18. Here are more results from this evening. I adjusted the bottom tension a couple of times but when I tried to tighten the top a half turn bigger bubbles showed up again. The test leather started to drop off a little in weight. With the smaller thread the tension is pulling the knot out the top still a little. It is much better than when I started.
  19. Everything seems to be coming off smooth without hang ups. I checked and I am threading correctly based on a couple different sources. I am sure it is pilot error. I tried to call Steve on Friday but no one was in the shop when I called and it is usually after hours when I get off my regular job. I have been sending him photos as well. Early on I ran it for a while with only one wrap around the primary instead of the recommended two. It worked okay but is not as consistent. I am reducing both tensions. Running the larger thread on the bottom leaves the back raised a little, it doesn't look as good as it should. I will check the bobbin screw again and see if there is any adjustment left. Wiz, Paul, Wild Harry and Floyd thanks for your responses and ideas on what to check. I think I''m getting closer to getting things adjusted. Hopefully there is still a little adjustment in the bobbin and it will all look good. I'll check a few more things and test it again. Thanks again to all!!
  20. Okay, I tried a few things. 1. Bobbin was good. Cleaned to bobbin case and checked for foreign matter. 2. Adjusted holder moved cones up higher and made sure it was coming straight off the top. 3. Used different thread and needle sizes. 4. Loosened the presser foot chain. I noticed it was pulling a little when machine was running. Passes 1-4 on 14-16 oz saddle skirting. Pass 1 is size 24 needle with 277 nylon thread for top with 346 nylon thread in bobbin. Pretty pleased with top. Pass 2 24, 277, 277. Pretty pleased stitches are a lot more uniform. Pass 3 size 24 needle 207 polyester top and 277 bobbin. Fairly consistent but bubbles pulling up from bottom. Pass 4 size 23 needle 207 poly top and bottom. Consistent but bubbles showing up on top Pass 5 and 6 on 10 oz saddle skirting. Pass 5 size 23 needle 207 poly top and 277 nylon bottom. Consistent bubbles on top. Pass 6 size 24 needle 277 nylon top and bottom. With bubbles on top. The upper tension is as loose as I can make it. Still skips some stitches on reverse. I''m sure all is just operator error. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  21. I like shoulder holsters. They are great, convenient for semi concealed carry while wearing a jacket or other day to day use. Personally I would not want to add miscellaneous cases to a shoulder holster. A medium to large framed pistol and two mag pouches are quite sufficient on a shoulder rig. They were never intended to be a tactical carry platforms. Having carried tactically in the past, I have some real concerns about this carry method for tactical use. If, that is the intended use of these holsters I would ask some serious questions of my son and detective friend. Just food for thought. If you would like to discuss this more let me know. Here is the link for SLC shoulder holster pattern for sale.