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  1. making my own Stamps

    Those look great! I like how you've covered some in leather and laced them up. :-) Hard to resist, isn't it? I'm currently covering an entire bicycle. What an odd lot we are. :-)
  2. Man, now that's an airbrush set up. How about showing us an example? Didn't see anything in your gallery but the internet yielded this. No doubt you have better airbrush examples, but these are impressive nonetheless.
  3. Sanch, excellent point that I had not fully understood until just now, an "Aha" moment that kinda feels like an-out-of-body experience. lol serious dude. It's so clear now -- I don't know anything about airbrushes and don't even own one. Instead, I have a Miniature Sprayer that is used primarily to spray acrylic finishes and it's great for that, certainly much better that using sponges, brushes, or rags. I don't spray dye much. Occasionally I'll spray a single color dye fade on a piece, but I never spray paint. I could but I don't want the sprayer clogging up and brushes work just fine for what little painting I do. This sprayer is straight forward and easy to operate as you would expect a sprayer to be. And here's the thing. Had there been a Miniature Sprayer available 10 years ago, I would have bought one and so would lots of other folks like me who were (are) intimidated by airbrushes as being too complicated But now I see more to that story. An airbrush is an overkill tool for someone who only wants a simple sprayer. There's a bidness opportunity here. It's all about perception. Generally speaking, people don't buy tools, they buy process, they buy outcome. I'll bet simply repackaging and a name change is all that would be necessary. Although a design review could yield a simpler, cheaper. more focused product. Who wants in on the ground floor of this?
  4. Danngit, I'm torn between seizing a juvenile humor moment or honoring the sanctity of a Granddaughter/Who moment. Shoot....All right, Grandkids win.. Man it's hard to walk away from that meme.
  5. What a sweetie. The leash is nice too! :-)
  6. We miss ya tboyce.  

  7. Measuring flip flop straps

    Man those are sharp looking! I answered this in another thread...
  8. Flip Flops Tutorial

    I've searched a lot on this topic. Not just for strap lengths, but also of ergonomic standards/averages for feet in general. I'm certain this information exists but I've not found it. Closely guarded secrets so it seems. In the case of strap length, I would think there is a standard ratio of strap length to sole length, like 75%, that can be applied to any sole size. It would be relatively easy to test that hypothesis by measuring a full run of sizes of a particular style or two or three of Flip Flops. And Walmart always has Flip Flops for sale on its shoe racks. Hmmm? Ok, I just measured two pairs of mine and the ratio is ~ 60% (6.75"/11.5") But they're also the same size (10) so that's not much of a statistical sample. But it is a data point that you can compare to your own size. Also keep in mind 60% is just to the sole. You would have to add another two inches to that for going underneath the top sole. So the formula would be (60% * sole length) + 2" I'm assuming you are asking the question because you want to make a pair for someone who isn't readily available for a custom fitting, or perhaps it's a surprise gift. In that case, I would definitely take a trip to Walmart and at least measure that particular size. Let me know what ratios you come up with.
  9. Finding True Top Center on Dog Collars

    The DYT Pro performed as advertised. Expirements confirmed that the DYT Pro accurately and reliably finds the true center point weight Lab Results ======== A WIP Dog collar wth uniform weight was placed on the aluminum balance bar. A stick pin was then pushed into the prediction position to compare with actual test results. As shown in this photo the actual results were identical to the mathematical prediction. ns. a The second experiment involved adding a weight to the lab test collar, a tin of WOW! Leather Dressing. The tin, weighing 47 grams was placed on the left half of the balance bar. Again a push pin was set in the position predicted by Scientists and ...YEP, the results are identical. There's no doubt about it. The DYT Pro performs as advertised. Truly a triumph for Science today boys. Special thanks to Science Contributor and Inventor of the patent pending DYT Pro, Mr. Dwight. Thank you Sir. Nicely done! EDIT: I can also confirm that it only took a couple seconds to find the balance point in both cases. Very efficient and very effective. Excellent solution Dwight. I need to send you a trophy or something. This is great. Thanks so much. EDIT 2: Tomorrow we'll test the Jiggler 007 from the friendly folks at BikerMutt. The question that everyone's is pondering is "Can you really just jiggle to the middle? The BikerMutt folks so you can. Stay tuned and we will it to the test tomorrow. Until then, goodnight everybody.
  10. Finding True Top Center on Dog Collars

    Ya know, I think you're right, That would work too or at least should work. What's to prevent it from landing randomly ever now and then on a jiggle? I suppose you can ascertain that by obsevering where it most often lands. Yeah, I can't see any reason that wouldn't work. Cool, two solutions. I've just about got my DYT Pro toe type Model 1A Experimental finished. Just need to plane 1/16" of the top and then give 'er a whirl. It was super easy to make with scrap lumber plus I already have a like five jumbo straight edge rulers. Imagine, perfectly centered collars from here on out. It's an amazing time to be alive for sure.
  11. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Thanks Monica. You're a peach. I guess you never saw the thread where I said "it was all due to competing with you"? Something like that. me competing with you. I thought for sure that would illicit a giggle or two. Lemme see if can find it. btw. you haven't been around much either. Do you two know just how damn hard it is or someone to do battle here all by themselves? Geez.... Ah here it is. The squeaky toy thing. I'm sure this left a lot of people scratching their heads -- "What in the hell is he talking about?" Haha And it certainly didn't help that you didn't at least pop in the convo with a little haha yourself. Nope, just left me twisting in comic limbo. Ya know it just occurred to me that that could be a terrific way to multiply the compliments exponentially, right? Instead of eating the whole compliment like a greedy attention grub, you take a bite then deflect it to someone else who takes a bite and deflects. You could probably feed 20 off a single compliment. Then, before you know it there's love and admiration ricocheting all over the place. You getting this Monica, for your Presidential gig? You remember me talking about how this entire industry needs a massive makeover and a massive visionary leap forward? I was visiting a friend in Houston a couple months ago and I made it a point to visit one of their THREE Tandy locations. THREE! We've only got one in Dallas and it's pretty pathetic. It's like shopping in somebody's garage, ok, a four car garage. Years back I made a similar Houston trip and visited my first "Mega Narrow Interest Store." That particular store was a Sausage/Meat Curing & Smoking Mega store. It was way into sausage making back then and up to that point all my shopping was done online. This store was incredible, they had every swinging thing there could possibly be for the sausage making enthusiast. They had stuff I had no idea even existed. And because of that trip I I just said it my mind that Houston was Mega Store Town. That no matter what you were into, some bright opportunist would see to it to open a super store catering to your intererest. This was on my mind heading to the "Mega Tandy Store" I was fantasizing about on the way-the-hell-out-of-the-way-trip to get there. The closer we got the more excited I got. Maybe they'll have some great indoor specials? Maybe even a class going on? The possibilities seemed endless. Then we pulled up to the nastiest, falling-apart strip mall and a tiny decrepit Tandy Store. So small that with 6 people in it it felt crowded. IT was dark and dingy and the crap on the walls had been there since Reagan was in office. It just looked tired and sad and dead. Is was embarrassing is what it was. I imagined our entire country comprised of just more of these little s*** hole stores and that was the public face of an entire industry in the same state just wheezing through it's final days in a dingy corner of a nursing home, an industry grave yard. And I'm thinking it doesn't have to be this way. It isn't this way in Europe. Heck, they have.... what? Three year degree programs in Europe? This line of work is an esteemed profession. Where are all the bespoke shoemakers. Europe. I havent' researched this, its just my sense from being around it for the past decade. But I had visions of how it could be completely turned around and only needed ... who knows. It's in such a sorry state that it can only go up. Do you buy Tandy or just bury them? Probably easier and cheaperand more effective to start fresh. Then create an industry group chartered to promote and educate. Let's say a couple hundred million you could pull it off. Joan Krock philanthropy money. Mega Lotto money. Completely Doable. A full pronged, all out reinvention of the industry in every respect. Put together some schools and elevate the profession again at least on par with the Europeans, and a PR campaign to promote the craft to the public and especially young people. Goes without saying you would have a Mega Leather Supplies Super Store in every major city in the US. So anyways, the first mega huge El Grande lotto I win, that's what I'm going to do and hire you two to run it. Hey, it could happen. So don't too comfortable in your current gigs. I'm serious.....
  12. Flip Flops Tutorial

    It's like you never left...
  13. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Well bust my buttons, if aint the one and only Grey the friendly Drakkon. You are too kind with the compliments Grey, too kind indeed. Yeah," Leatherer " does sound weird. But I do like both of Bikermutt's suggestions. Hidesmith in particularly, although I think i would spell it Hidesmythe, or Hydesmith. It doesn't matter as long as you can derive the shorthand nickname Smithee. Love that name. So where the heck you been? We have all missed your therapeutic dog cussings. I stopped by your profile room a month or so ago it said you haven't been around since school let out last year. I figured you probably went Pro with your Poker Game and was doing the Rounders Circuit. I stopped by because I have something to send you and now I will. I think I still have an address. If not I'll PM you. Welcome back.
  14. Finding True Top Center on Dog Collars

    Hey Dwight, yeah I can see that working. Going to give that a try. Thanks a bunch man,
  15. Finding True Top Center on Dog Collars

    TomG, you of course are right. You're running a business and I'm running an ego. Nevertheless this should have a simple answer. And if not, then a hard answer. I'll take either one. :-) Thanks for the perspective though.