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  1. Leather Frisbee

    A leather fetch Frisbee for my dog.
  2. Leather Wrapped Bicycle

    It started off just making a new seat...then I kinda got carried away.
  3. Leather and glass choker

    Nice... you come up with the coolest stuff, I swear. Is that Horween from the Northstar batch a zillion years ago that you turned me on to? Man I wish I had pile of that. God it was nice leather.
  4. Dog Harness

    No prob. Here's the template for anyone else interested.
  5. New to the site and the craft

    Haha...yep. I wonder though? Is it that the craft itself sucks you in, or is it the irrational belief "I can make anything"? I think I'm more heavily weighted toward the latter. I suspect a lot of folks here are as well.
  6. Dog Harness

    I have a crude template that I'll pm you here in a while along with some tips.
  7. Dog Harness

    And one more...on her maiden walk with the new harness. And the harness cured her pulling! Cured my dog's pulling as well. It's the strangest thing, you would think that a harness would encourage pulling, but instead it discourages it. It's counter intuitive I'll admit, but it was explained to me that the pressure a harness exerts on the chest feels like pushing to the dog, and they don't like to push. Hence, no pulling. Now how those Huskies overcome that...? Beats me. Different sort of harness? Breed specific thing? I dunnno, just know that it worked for me and my friend.
  8. Dog Harness

    Here's one pic. My buddy sent this one as soon as the package arrived. I asked for more and will post when he gets off work So pleased that it fits like a glove and all I had to go on was a few measurements and the hope that my own dog was close in size as a stand in model.
  9. Extra space for my homemade stamps

    Those are excellent stamps. I've been wanting to make some myself for quite some time and now seeing what is possible with yours ....well, looks like I'm off to Home Depot. So many projects, so little time.
  10. Dog Harness

    Looks ferocious
  11. Dog Harness

    A dog harness for a friend's pit bull
  12. making my own Stamps

    Those look great! I like how you've covered some in leather and laced them up. :-) Hard to resist, isn't it? I'm currently covering an entire bicycle. What an odd lot we are. :-)
  13. Man, now that's an airbrush set up. How about showing us an example? Didn't see anything in your gallery but the internet yielded this. No doubt you have better airbrush examples, but these are impressive nonetheless.
  14. Sanch, excellent point that I had not fully understood until just now, an "Aha" moment that kinda feels like an-out-of-body experience. lol serious dude. It's so clear now -- I don't know anything about airbrushes and don't even own one. Instead, I have a Miniature Sprayer that is used primarily to spray acrylic finishes and it's great for that, certainly much better that using sponges, brushes, or rags. I don't spray dye much. Occasionally I'll spray a single color dye fade on a piece, but I never spray paint. I could but I don't want the sprayer clogging up and brushes work just fine for what little painting I do. This sprayer is straight forward and easy to operate as you would expect a sprayer to be. And here's the thing. Had there been a Miniature Sprayer available 10 years ago, I would have bought one and so would lots of other folks like me who were (are) intimidated by airbrushes as being too complicated But now I see more to that story. An airbrush is an overkill tool for someone who only wants a simple sprayer. There's a bidness opportunity here. It's all about perception. Generally speaking, people don't buy tools, they buy process, they buy outcome. I'll bet simply repackaging and a name change is all that would be necessary. Although a design review could yield a simpler, cheaper. more focused product. Who wants in on the ground floor of this?
  15. Danngit, I'm torn between seizing a juvenile humor moment or honoring the sanctity of a Granddaughter/Who moment. Shoot....All right, Grandkids win.. Man it's hard to walk away from that meme.