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  1. Flip Flops Tutorial

    Merry Christmas Fellow Footwear Friends, Here's my latest flip flop creation. It's hard to see in the pics but I used beads for the toe stem (toe thong as some refer to it). What's cool about using beads is they freely rotate and hence no rubbing. What's not cool is figuring out how to attach them and get a smooth transition from the uppers to the sole. In this case I cut off the pointed end of the uppers to make a flat end. Then I made a cover that folded from the bottom and punched two holes in the fold so that the beading wire could loop through the holes then straight down to the sole where it is secured underneath with a spacer bead and bead crimps. To further aid in the visual transition I used two beads, one for each wire, as it exits the cover. I then crimped the wires as one to maintain the position of the two top beads than strung a single row of beads as usual. You need to use large hole beads so that it will cover the crimp. This helped a lot in the visual transition from the cover to the toe stem otherwise it looks too abrupt with a single file row of beads. I'm not sure what to make of these. Jamaica comes to mind, maybe something Usain Bolt would wear.
  2. Show your Shop

    You're killing me. That just isn't right. I'm sorry but you need to pick one and drop the other -- awesome living/work space or unlimited free top shelf wine, your pick. My musician buddies and I used to say the same thing all the time about Vince Gill -- you can't both be a monster guitar player and have the voice of angel -- gotta pic one and drop the other. lol
  3. Show your Shop

    Oh man, that is so inviting. Wow, just gorgeous. Great pic, I feel like I'm right there in the moment. I think the first thing I would build would be stage and wire it up with a PA and stage lighting. Imagine the possibilities after that.
  4. Blonde Girl Guitar Strap

    Gray, you have an original, unique style that's readily discernible in all your work. To my way of thinking, that is as impressive as the work itself. Actually......? it's more impressive. Not to impune anyone else's work, just saying it's a fairly rare thing to see.
  5. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    I dunno man, it looks pretty damn good to me as is. Your tooling is awesome. For me finishing in general is voodoo. I don't have a set approach at all. I just wing it. If it turns out awesome, I don't write it down or remember it . If it doesn't work out, I dye it black, I've gotta lot of black projects.
  6. Made a Petal Lifter, Carved a Leaf!

    YinTx, have you seen this Don Gonzales video? Just ran across it and as such haven't tried it myself, but it seems like a good antiquing approach.
  7. Leather Frisbee

    A leather fetch Frisbee for my dog.
  8. Leather Wrapped Bicycle

    It started off just making a new seat...then I kinda got carried away.
  9. Nice... you come up with the coolest stuff, I swear. Is that Horween from the Northstar batch a zillion years ago that you turned me on to? Man I wish I had pile of that. God it was nice leather.
  10. Dog Harness

    No prob. Here's the template for anyone else interested.
  11. New to the site and the craft

    Haha...yep. I wonder though? Is it that the craft itself sucks you in, or is it the irrational belief "I can make anything"? I think I'm more heavily weighted toward the latter. I suspect a lot of folks here are as well.
  12. Dog Harness

    I have a crude template that I'll pm you here in a while along with some tips.
  13. Dog Harness

    And one more...on her maiden walk with the new harness. And the harness cured her pulling! Cured my dog's pulling as well. It's the strangest thing, you would think that a harness would encourage pulling, but instead it discourages it. It's counter intuitive I'll admit, but it was explained to me that the pressure a harness exerts on the chest feels like pushing to the dog, and they don't like to push. Hence, no pulling. Now how those Huskies overcome that...? Beats me. Different sort of harness? Breed specific thing? I dunnno, just know that it worked for me and my friend.
  14. Dog Harness

    Here's one pic. My buddy sent this one as soon as the package arrived. I asked for more and will post when he gets off work So pleased that it fits like a glove and all I had to go on was a few measurements and the hope that my own dog was close in size as a stand in model.
  15. Extra space for my homemade stamps

    Those are excellent stamps. I've been wanting to make some myself for quite some time and now seeing what is possible with yours ....well, looks like I'm off to Home Depot. So many projects, so little time.