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  1. I am using Fiebings light brown spirit dye. When applied with dauber it goes instantly to a dark brown. Same results with their purple dye. Is there any way apply these colors and have the desired shade be lighter color ? I am applying it to tooled veg.tan leather.
  2. These cuff bases were made from 3 layers of garment weight leather. The straps were made of 2 layers of garment weight leathers glued and sewn back to back. The leather of this type and colors can be purchased from The Hide House.
  3. Thanks everyone. I'll try to hold off till I can get a better machine.
  4. I have a chance to purchase my 1st true leather machine. There are 2 available used Singer machines. One is a model 29-4 the other is a 29k70. Due to my inexperience, I'm not sure which would be the the better machine. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
  5. I have 2 questions. 1 ) Why do some leathers have a distinct leather smell and other leathers not have much smell at all. 2 ) Can a leather scent be restored once the smell has become weak. These probably sound like stupid questions, but I have had customers ask me these questions and I would like to be able to provide answers when asked.
  6. I use the caped rivets, which are totally smooth. I've worn them myself and had no chaffing at all. The rivets are nickel plated steel. The only possible problem I could think of would be if someone were allergic or sensitive to nickel. If you run into a problem like that, sew the suede lining in after riveting to keep the rivets away from making contact with bare skin.
  7. A collar and cuff set I recently completed.
  8. I am sewing 3.5-4 oz garment leather the maximum layer thickness would be 3/16 - 1/4 inch. Will the 15-91 handle a job like this until I can afford to get an industrial machine. A neighbor has a nice 15-91 she will let me have for $100. I would appreciate any input from people that have used a 15-91. Thanks.