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  1. Thanks WyomingSlick! Great info. That is what I was hoping to find out.
  2. Wow, Thank you "JAZZMAN" and "zuludog"!! Great insight and thoughts! I think I agree with you! Luckily the axe was with it so that makes it extra special. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the thoughts and advice, I really appreciate it!!
  4. The inside looks good, no visible water stains at all. it does seem dry. Thanks!
  5. I found this old leather hatchet cover from my grandfathers house (who recently passed). As you can see from the photos, it looks as though it has some water damage. I Photoshoped his name out with the red just for posting purposes; he wrote his name with a black sharpie on the leather. My grandpa was a huge part of my life and I loved him very much. I want to keep this leather hatched cover as a reminder of him but Im not sure if I should try and repair it in any way. I want to keep it in its original state as much as possible. Does anyone have any ideas or advice?? Thanks!
  6. Ja5on's Leather

  7. This is my wife's first leather project. We could not find info on how to line it, so she chose to do it with pigskin suede. It is nice material, but the dye comes off on skin when you work with it. Does anyone know how we can treat it so it won't rub off on shirts worn underneath? We are considering spraying it with waterproofer for leather shoes. Thanks in advance. Also, going forward, is there a way to actually treat the pigskin suede before it is applied to the project?
  8. Adult Section Request

    I'd like access please, Thanks!