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  1. I think I replied to your post of 29 Sep, but don't see any evidence of it in this thread.  Did you get my offer to fill up a saddle box and send it to you?

  2. Computer Drawing Software For Making Leather Patterns

    I'm reviving this ancient topic because no one mentioned a very simple to use drawing program called Autodesk Sketchbook. It's very approachable for people who don't have much experience with computers. More importantly, it has an option to draw in a mirror image, what the OP was asking for. It's really nice for freehand drawing also.
  3. Staining leather

    I wasn't referring to the flesh side. However maybe those water stains are better. I only have the turquoise but it is completely unpredictable. Sometimes it goes on as a horrid brown, other times it looks the colour of a glacier fed lake!
  4. Staining leather

    I'm just moving away from Eco Flow to Fiebings. What a difference, my word. I did a test piece of Eco Flow black dye on one side and Fiebings black dye on the other. Eco Flow side is extremely dull, grey and blotchy. The Fiebings goes on completely uniform as a deep, shiny black. I used one of those cheap sponge brushes with the wooden handles. I wish I'd known in the first place before buying all that Eco FLow stuff. Though I still like the stains and antiques for now. I also worry the chemical stink of the Feibings dye now that it's too cold to have my windows open at night.
  5. White paint and black antique... how is it done?

    I've messed around with liquid latex that painters use with some good effect. I haven't used it enough to really know how good it could be, but it seems to peel right off of leather. My bottle has thickened after a couple of years making it harder to brush on. So use it up! You can buy it at art supply stores.
  6. Mixing a custom Antique color

    I have mixed some Eco-Flo dye into the Hi-Lite colour stains to good effect. If the piece is antiqued without a resist it might work ok (because then it does absorb into the leather). This is why I love having so many scraps around. I colour test constantly.
  7. Sheep wool alternative for Neat Lac/Wyosheen

    So in the mean time, what is the principle behind using sheep wool? Is the long haired fuzziness what gets the Neat Lac down into the cuts and dents? Could a wad of cotton balls work in a pinch? A soft brush? I live far from a leather store so I need to make do with hardware store stuff until I can get to a city.
  8. Sheep wool alternative for Neat Lac/Wyosheen

    Holy moly that's terrific, Cowboycolonel. But I live in Canada, so it might cost a hell of a lot to mail it up here. But if it's reasonable I would be happy to take a couple of bags. If you could find out the weight and dimensions of the package we could see if it's feasible. I guess it should compare to the price of the small 4oz bags from Tandy. Are those bags very heavy? My postal code is V0A 1H0. I bet many people on this forum would be interested in taking those remnants off your hands.!
  9. Hello there. I recently bought some Wyosheen but I haven't got any sheep's wool. So far I'm not pleased with the results after antiquing test scrap pieces. I've used cloths, and blue paper towels so far. I see that everyone on the internet recommends applying with sheep's wool. Is there a decent alternative I could try? I mustn't do any more mail orders for a while. Thanks.