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  1. 8283E2A2-607D-4ACA-A27E-0181DD86B138.jpeg

    The Treadle is an Adler, perhaps the machine too!
  2. Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    Hey Leathersmyth . . what kind of sewing do you do on your 78?
  3. Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    Whoops, my notes say that it sewed ok with 138 thread top and bottom, but I have only done limited test sewing, no projects or extended testing. It was before I built my junk box bobbin winder and it was a bit tedious on a treadle powered winder on a domestic machine.
  4. Singer 78-3 Leather Needles

    I adjusted my needlebar on my 78-1 (uses same needles) to utilize 29x3 (round point) (29x4 leather) needles since that is what my SInger 42-5 is using. . You can just as easily use the very similar (except needle has a skarf) 135x16 or 17 needles that are more modern and about the same dimensions. This is technically a simple 1 screw adjustment , but the challenge is getting the connection to move after being in the same position for the better part of a century. Some combination of tapping, heating, oiling and brute force may be required. I have a 78-3, but mostly run my 78-1. I have note figured out what the real difference is, but I have not tried very hard .. smile .. Some pics and such for my 78-1 are at https://sites.google.com/site/oldironmachines/home/singer-78-1 I have not tried 138 thread on my machines. best of luck. let us know how it goes.
  5. Some fun comments on the 16-88 are here ..
  6. With my big screen monitor I believe you have a 16-88 which is an early top and bottom feed machine. http://www.sil.si.edu/DigitalCollections/Trade-Literature/Sewing-Machines/pdf/sil10-54.pdf talks about it a bit. I would guess that it is a predecessor of the 16-188 but it is just a bluff. Looks like it has sewn miles of seams .. grin .. it could be fun. My old 16k33 uses class 15 bobbins and bobbin cases. I think some 16-188 feet are available.
  7. Hey Guys, Spotted this cool video on youtube about replacing the handwheel with a motor pulley and avoiding the speed reducer. Anyone have experience with this adaptation? There may be some safety issues , but I dont have long hair and have never got my fingers caught in a spoked wheel. Cheap way to slow down an industrial Happy Day Lee
  8. Considering a singer 31-15

    Hey Mr d, Try a Google search like 31-15 leatherworker.net and you will get a number of finds. Parts and supplies very available. Downside.. Notorious for lasting forever.
  9. 111W117 on a table at last

    Hey Mr dikman .. did the machine come to you with the handwheel mod? Looks like you should have great control... bet that chipboard top weighs almost as much as the machine. Keep having fun. Lee
  10. Consew 206RB

    Hey Ramper .. sounds like a great find.. Have fun.
  11. For clarification .. found a decent copy of the 111w155 manual which details threading . I dont remember the source , but the manual had a 1950 copyright.
  12. I am surprised that the modern Seiko manual and older consew manual do not go into details about threading. Lee
  13. Consew 206 RB-3 stitch irregularities

    If the foot adjustments are like the modern consews .. take a look at the Seiko Manual that Greg has posted at Keystone .. very clear.. http://www.keysew.com/webpages/owners&partsbooks/ownersbooks/sth-8bld-3ownerskeyfoot.pdf Best of luck. Lee in florida
  14. Hey Constabulary - those are the best scans I have seen ... were they online or yours? Frustrating that C and D both look about the same in the figures. My 111w155 is out being fostered at a new home with the hope of adoption.. But .. if that beast ever comes back to my house I am gonna put a dab of paint in there to make it easier to distinguished (old guy eyes you know). Happy Day L
  15. I found i like belt drive from the motor to the winder. In my tests it was much quieter. Admittedly i was using field improvised bobbin winder tires. All found parts. Not pretty but it works.