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  1. A Cobra class 26 is the clone of a JUKI 341, a better choice than a 335, IMHO
  2. Does anyone have the email adress to Ron´s tools ?
  3. Yangtools on Instagram
  4. I bought a no name JUKI 441 clone from a Chinese company, built a machine from chinese parts, i e motor , speed reducer and all. IIt was perfectly functioning from day one, no extra set ups needed, I have used it in my saddlery for more than a year, and I get a smile on my face every time I use it!
  5. Make a bottom cover, and a top cover, Glue and sew the pieces together. Then make the neck cover with a piece that reaches the center of the horn, glue the top, drill a small hole for the screw and insert the screw, then cover the neck with the wings of the neck cover.
  6. Use your straight edge as it is, scratch a line with an awl and then cut along the scratched line with a round knife. The proper way to do it!
  7. This is my edge machine. I turned a piece of Lignum Vitae to fit the motor shaft. The wood is so hard thet I even could thread the hole for a screw into the axle. / Knut
  8. Paul. get in touch with "Trox" on this forum, he is Nowegian ( Oslo) and is expert on sewing machines. He will straighten out your needs! /Knut
  9. It is definately the cast iron version , so it is a better machine than the new ones
  10. hej, och välkommen till forumet! Jag bor på Frösön, Jämtland!
  11. 110 = 1,1mm 120 = 1,2 mm and so on. (110 mm more than 4")
  12. Adler 205-374 with an EFKA Variostop motor, JUKI LU-563 (EFKA Variostop motor) and an Adler 30-1
  13. Right, Oakley! 332 needle system is for the Adler 30-1
  14. It must be made into a ladies saddle!
  15. The outside foot only moves up and down, not forward and backwards. If it doesn´t move up and down there is a problem.