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  1. Program To Draw Patterns

    Inkscape and Gimp are both great, lots of tutorials on the net for both. The issue with these apps is learning to work with layers and different file types.
  2. Leather and Wood

    Leather and Wood
  3. Leather Handbag

    Leather handbag I made for my wife, I used oil tanned leather I got on sale at Tandy.
  4. Hand Sewing Corners

    I cut my corners using a washer as a guide, then make a mark for the stitches with a wing divider. Then use the wing divider set the same distance as your four prong chisel. Example, if your four prong chisel has the prongs 2 millimeters apart, set the divider to be 2 milli apart, mark the holes around the rounded corner. Then poke the holes with a stitching awl. A good wing divider set can replace about 3 different tools.
  5. making a light box to trace patterns

    Keep it simple,,,pick up a cheap glass cutting board from a dime store, stick a electric window candle under it,,trace away.. I dye and cut on one of those cutting boards, they are tough enough to draw on, Dye wipe off with a little water, you can tape paper down while tracing.
  6. Veg Tan Cross Body Bag

    I really liked this template, thanks Tboyce for the template. I picked up some black leather at Tandy in Raleigh, NC on sale and made this bag for my wife. It turned out pretty nice. Thought I'd post a few pics of the finished bag.
  7. I got the 1/4" set from HF, some of the letters aren't square to the punch which causes the letters to be cock-eyed when stamped. If you sign up for "Michaels's" coupons, they have a 50% off sale about every 2 weeks. You can pick-up leather alphabet stamps for 15 bucks if you use the coupon. The stamps are the same as Tandy and stamp very deep.
  8. What Is This Tool Called?

    Hell, I should have done this to start with. Thanks "northount" Tom for the idea. http://instagram.com/p/xRxOoBs_wM/
  9. What Is This Tool Called?

    I see the edge it makes on all kinds of leather products on "instagram", finally found a picture with tool in it, but the person only types in a Asian language. When I open the page in Chrome and translate the language, the name of the tool isn't there.
  10. What Is This Tool Called?

    Can anyone tell me what this tool is called? I've looked around different online leather tool shops and can't seem to find it. It would be easier if I knew what it was officially called. I like the edge it produces, I just don't know what to call it. Beveler, creaser and "magic edge tool" don't seem to show this tool in any google search. Thanks in advance. Dan
  11. Assorted Template - Pdf

    Thanks so much. Very nice PDF file.
  12. Dan From Raleigh, Nc

    Just saying hi, beginner from Raleigh, NC. been a woodworker for years, enjoying learning to work with leather as a hobby. Started a few weeks ago.
  13. Dan From Raleigh, Nc

    Just saying hi, beginner from Raleigh, NC. been a woodworker for years, enjoying learning to work with leather as a hobby. Started a few weeks ago.
  14. Step By Step Diy Edge Beveler

    Great idea and great use of what's on hand.