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  1. Looking For Custom "dummy" Maker

    Bluegun and Red Gun both have a couple dummy radios that might match what you need. If not, have you looked at buying a replacement housing? It may be cheaper than a custom dummy if the battery happens to be internal.
  2. Round Knife Sheath

    Thanks Bill! Cutting the stitches was a real concern, so I have a thin welt to try to stop that.
  3. Round Knife Sheath

    I finally got around to making a sheath for my round knife. The thumb break moves a leather block out of the way allowing the sheath to swing off the blade. I think it turned out surprisingly well considering how out of practice I am.
  4. Here are a few paintings that may be helpful. http://www.topofart.com/artists/Ferdinand_Bol/painting/10573/The_Falconer.php http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/paintings/sir-thomas-lane-d-1715-of-bentley-with-a-falcon http://www.bbc.co.uk/arts/yourpaintings/paintings/a-falconer The dog obscures most of the pouch in this one. http://www.topofart.com/artists/Sir_Edwin_Henry_Landseer/painting/7617/The_Falconer_%28Portrait_of_William_Russell%29.php
  5. Help With Landis 30

    I have the Landis torn apart for cleaning and there is no evidence this part came from it. Looks like everything is OK.
  6. Help With Landis 30

    I just received a Landis 30 splitter today and was dismayed to find this part in with it. It appears to be a bushing, but I cannot see where the part came from or find it on the parts diagram and the splitter seems to work so I am rather puzzled. Could someone please help identify it or rule it out as part of the Landis 30? Thank you! The outside flange is 5/8", OD is 15/32", ID is 5/16"
  7. Wickenburg Show

    I was there today (Friday) and it was a great experience. I got some great advice and picked up a couple tools I had been meaning to order.
  8. I think it looks good!
  9. Tandy Hat Pack 2062.

    Thank you for sharing!
  10. Green Armor

    I can't see them either Andy.
  11. Steamer Trunk

    There is some information on that trunk on pp380-381 in 100 Legendary Trunks: Louis Vuitton. It was made specifically for Dogs (Marc Jacobs' bull-terriers) and has a zinc lining to prevent damage from fluids.
  12. Suitcase

    Thank you James. The case weighs about 12 lbs. empty. Have you considered flexboard for curved portions of the case?
  13. I wanted a leather suitcase for quite some time, so I decided I should just make one. The leather is formed around a plywood box for additional stability, but not bonded to it, so I can remove the box if it becomes damaged.
  14. cool italian leather book spines

    You don't have to bind them that way. You can cheat and use strips of leather along the back instead of cords. Some instructions also call for building up the cords with scrap leather. Instead of using the pliers to pinch the cords, you can use a cord on the outside to pull the leather down around the interior cords and burnish on either side. This was bound on a single raised cord, a second cord was glued next to the first, and a piece of leather was the glued over the two cords.