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  1. Here's a good tutorial!
  2. Well, you already got yourself a subscriber on Youtube! :D
  3. Like I said to you once, we're always learning
  4. Of course you knew I would say that . And about the compliments, I make mine Brian's answer
  5. As a chair I can understand, but it's bad taste to put your feet on such a beautiful work!
  6. Hi LoneWolf, I think I can get you that image, but it will have to be tomorrow. I'll PM you, is that ok? Sandra
  7. It seems to be genuine, the one you received. But why don't you contact the manufacturer? It's be best way to clarify your doubts. Their website
  8. Hi Nstarleather, check this link On the left side of the page, where it says "Materials" there's the pdf for download. Sandra
  9. This is a great and helpful tutorial! Thanks for your time
  10. Thanks for the info Thor! It was one of the first sites I found when I became interested in leatherwork. It has valuable info and it would be sad if it ended!
  11. Hello Windrider, See if this video on YT can help you. This spanish artisan shows how to bookbind from scratch. Even if its spanish I'm sure you'll understand
  12. Thank you for the pattern JimDavies! As usual you have very nice videos and patterns. If I'm not mistaken, this is the Biker wallet in Japanese style.
  13. Already registered too! It's a nice way to have some online classes. And the site is looking very nice
  14. Makes sense in my head as well!