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  1. I am going to Sheridan!!!!!

  2. Chat!

    1. OffKilterLeather


      I'm in chat, if you're still awake :P

    2. OffKilterLeather


      You have patterns in your email :)

  3. Rounded corner Edges - Any tips?

    where you found the set on ebay silly
  4. Rounded corner Edges - Any tips?

    Do tell Yin!
  5. I CAN LOG IN AGAIN!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Johanna!

  6. Great work and neat concho/snap combo, I havent seen any like that! Is your corner attachment for the chain also from tandy? I like the minimalism!
  7. Long Wallet (Interior)

    Great Work Bone!
  8. I HAVE THE INTERWEBS!!! Muahhahahaha!

    1. RockyAussie


      Welcome :welcome:  .............I think

  9. Guys, I am now a land owner in Idaho! 

    (Still no internet and can't get to chat from my phone)

    miss you guys!

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    2. Halitech


      way to go! miss you and hopefully you can come chat soon:)

    3. OffKilterLeather


      Idaho!! At last, we have a connection for potatoes!!! :P

    4. Bonecross


      Miss you around here!

  10. I am hitting the road tomorrow my friends! Wish me save travels, I need some luck :)

    Will touch base as soon as I can. Cheers to all of you, and thank you as always for all your help, much love to you all!


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    2. nrk
    3. Halitech


      Godspeed, good luck and safe journeys.


      May the road rise up to meet you.
      May the wind be always at your back.
      May the sun shine warm upon your face;
      the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again

    4. OffKilterLeather


      Good luck, and safe trip :)

  11. What Kind Of Sheath?

    Jason, (Chief?) Okay, half the width of the gun added to the outline? I am getting this idea! I think.... So if the knife hilt is 7/8" wide, I find the midpoint there? How does one account for leather thickness? I think this is a big part of my problem. Folder width paper fits, leather not so much
  12. What Kind Of Sheath?

    These are being made for a client, so I don't get a big say in the design type, Red Cent
  13. What Kind Of Sheath?

    Thanks Jason, I was considering that myself, just worried about retention. I think I am just going to have to try it out and risk another few sheath cut outs for slimmer knives CR, that tutorial looks indepth and very helpful, I will spend some time on it and see what I can sort out!