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  1. I like the belt slide for the shotgun shells. I'm in the process of making one myself and I prefer the shells on a separate slide as it gets the shells a little further off the body for an easier grab. Your work looks great and yeah I struggle with finish myself. Like mentioned before I try to do batch lots and just accept the variance. On design if a shooter is doing a weak hand transfer then access to the front of the trigger guard is my preferred method. The holster needs to support the gun by the cylinder frame. The mernickle and doc noper rigs have their own way of doing that. Everybody has a different draw and so the need for so many holsters. Your design looks good with a mix of classic lines and modern shooting technique. If I were to change one thing I would allow a little more access to the front of the trigger guard. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you on the range someday.
  2. I think the colors really make them pop. I'ld love to see how you do that. The stamp in the corner looks great and I assume that's where the snap is.
  3. Looks excellent. I like the details on the closure strap.
  4. boots again

    That is craftsmanship!
  5. Dog collar

    Looks like an appropriate collar for a dog name Rukus. What weight leather did you use?
  6. Do you have any tricks you can share for keeping the definition in your basket weave pattern when you form the holster? Yours look great. Mine tend to lose definition when I make the fold. Do you wet form after stamping at all?